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How long will our window be open?

How long will our window be open?

Originally posted by Born49R:
This, this and then this. It's obvious, to me at least, that the front office drafts and contracts for the future and not just the present. Balke is the key. It depends on how long he stays and if he can replace Harbaugh when he finally burns out, as they all do.

My worry is that well be good but may not be good enough and end up with low draft pics for the next few seasons.. Balke is gonna have to be on his game.
The window is losing its clarity already . Getting weathered, so to speak . Case in point , look at how P Rivers window has been closing over the last few years . Brees handed him a championship worthy team. It never happened and has been getting farther out of reach each year . Our window is certainly closing too, especially with ELI , Rodgers and Brees in the way. Not promising at all.
Originally posted by Oakland-Niner:
We'll be competitive as long as we have Harbaugh and Baalke.

Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
This is probably the last year

ur posts are killing me dude

I think it was last year. This team is just not the same, doesn't have the same fire nor the same ability to hang in there no matter what the circumstance is.
If you go back and look at the glory years we were 10-6 more often than not. That is what I expect from this group. You don't win it every year but with a good front office you give the good coaching staff an opportunity to always have a shot. People here don't remember the past as it actually happened but have glorified it to the point of unreasonable expectations for the future. Especially those who have only watched the highlight shows and didn't suffer thru the Montana and Young interceptions, the less than great defenses even with those two, and iffy running backs etc.
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