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Roman just hushed the haters.
He called a solid game today. He usually does this when he has the extra week. I hope he can put it together two more times.
Great game.
Roman did fine but don't think for a minute that Harbaugh didn't help with th eplay calling. Every time a offensive 49er play ended Harbaugh was on the headset.
Originally posted by eonblue:
Roman just hushed the haters.

Not sure about that. There's a real issue with the lack of a consistent intermediate air game. Lots of yards from CK on the ground just doesn't feel like that's going to take you all the way. We'll see. Of Ck's 180+ on the ground about 40% came on 2 runs. Sorry. We need more..something. Hard to pinpoint but there needs to be some more effectiveness in the playcalling. Gore did great though. Love him. He is a real runner. He is what you want from a running bac who is not a cyborg. Like AD. Go 9ers. Get it straightened out by next week.
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