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Jacobs unhappy

Problem is, Dixon is bringing more to the table, right now. Not only is he a top special teamer, but he is looking pretty decent carrying the ball. Especially in the game against the Bills. He is running with his pads low.
Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
Hope to hell he doesn't turn into the 'Braylon Edwards' signing of the year.

Won't really hurt us since he is a RB not a WR, and we are good to go at RB.
We really don't need him
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Originally posted by KowboyKiller:
Don't see anything wrong with what he said, the guy wants to play and is working hard.

THis. I would like to see him out there myself. But problem is, Gore and Hunter are the ones taking the snaps, and that's how it should be. To me, just a bad pickup all the way around. Don't really need him all that much besides for some short yardage situations. Besides that I think Gore and Hunter should carry the load.
when your team is second in the league in rushing it is probably not time to go change things!
Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
Hope to hell he doesn't turn into the 'Braylon Edwards' signing of the year.

trade him to the lions or cardz, they need some backs
B.Jacops is now heard on USA. WOW! I am expecting JH, and Rathman to be salivating for this game where Brandon plays. The depth on this team dictates who plays, and to play BJ is a luxury. The leak to outside sources disturbed me. If this is BJ's manta, he will be gone soon. He was brought in as a short yardage/ goal line back, not a feature back. That was evident from the start. I would love to see him, and Manningham tear it up against their old team....but not if they are not ready. We have a long season to go, and we will need all of our players to contribute down the stretch. Hey, I understand these players needs to stick it to their old teams, but they need to remember that it is about their new teams going the distance, not personal vindication. BJ, the team needs you. But not for just one game. For the season. Do not be selfish. Do not risk injury....not for 1 game. Come on bruh, we need you for the playoffs.

K Hunt on espn in a rebok jersey 10 min ago
Hate to read articles like this. I hope they find a way to implement him. Too much talent out there just too much, and thats a good thing.
Lol @ people saying we should cut him over this. Whats he supposed to say? Yeah, I love my role right now. Not dressing when healthy was what I envisioned for myself.

Originally posted by footballxpaul:
trade him to the lions or cardz, they need some backs

teams generally don't trade for 30 year old backup running backs
Every player in the NFL wants to be on the field. No one shouldn't be upset that he wants to play.
I think every is overreacting big time on this, what is he supposed to say and whos to say he actually meant it that way. Whos to say the former beat writer for the Giants isnt trying to turn 49ers fans against there own player, they only so called beat writer for the 49ers that even took this seriously was Grant Cohn. C'mon now you guys you have more brains then that moron to figure out that this is just a b******t article written to stir s**t up.
I liked what i saw in pre season. Keep him. There are plenty of boobie dixons in the sea.
Let the man play so they can eval him and see if he should be released to find better playing time, or not. Give the man respect. That is all, and that's the way it should be.He's a frickin respected vet fer gawds sake!
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