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Jacobs unhappy

Question is....why sign him then if all he was gonna do is walk the sideline? I understand Harbaugh wanted players who can also add depth at in more than one position but doesn't make sense with Jacobs. They signed him for a reason and Harbaugh is being tight-lipped about it, even to Jacobs. But yeah, Harbaugh is not a coach you want to start battling with through the media. If Jacobs is frustrated he best talk to Harbaugh and not the media.

Learn from Moss! Haven't heard a peep about not getting balls.
let him play.
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Originally posted by WookieOftheYear:
Good, release his ass and let someone else take his roster spot. We dont have time for these divas, we are trying win championships. You are either with us or against us

well, at least your not saying that he's faking injury
Originally posted by Whomeam:
Originally posted by blizzuntz:
If Jacobs is upset.... Can you imagine how LMJ and Jenkins feel!!!

Difference is that Jacobs is a vet.


But they were healthy doe, and haven't suited up yet either
Originally posted by 5timechamps:
let him play.

if story is accurate, he will only play on ST by the look of things
The fact that Jacobs isn't active should not surprise anyone here, least of all me. This is what I said about the RB position in my final 53 prediction:
Frank Gore
Kendall Hunter
LaMichael James

This is a crowded backfield, and I think Jacobs will be on the short end of the carries. Hunter is the featured back of the future. James will be the change-of-pace back, though he's still a work in progress. I see us drafting a true throwback powerback somewhere in the 2013 draft. Jacobs won't be with this team more than one season. Personally, I like Dixon. I think he's beginning to "get it" and honestly hopes he beats out Jacobs. I'm just a bigger fan of home-grown developed talent than a FA acquisition. In my mind if Dixon becomes that powerback JH and Coach Rathman wants I think he brings more value to the squad given he's a great ST player.
Clearly, Dixon is "getting it", and likely is the reason JH & Co. are in no rush to activate Jacobs. "Value" should be the words here. Dixon gives this team more than Jacobs. And this may be just me but it seems that Dixon is the more punishing runner of the two as well. If/when Jacobs is reactivated he is gonna have to prove to be a better short yardage back than Dixon late in games like Dixon was in the Bills game.
Can't believe how much overreaction there is to this... oh wait, sure I can.

I want to see Jacobs out there this weekend. He looked very quick in the preseason, and it was said he worked very hard to make that happen. He seems oh so hungry to prove what he can do.. and I hope we let him.
He wants to play, I can respect that!
Lets wear out their D-Line ...THEN Bring in Jacobs to SMASH them ...he wIll be PISSED and wanna do some DAMAGE
Unless someone brings this issue up to coach today, it's pointless to keep talking about it.

Jacobs is a competitior. He knows his years in the NFL left are limited, you probably can count them on one hand minus the thumb. He is healthy, he wants to play.

He said nothing wrong. It is the coaches decision.

I say go for it Harbaugh. Let Dobbs be inactive, and activate jacobs. I would call his number on 3rd and 1 every time.
If he wants to see the field, he should learn to play special teams at this point.
Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
Maybe JH didn't want NYG to get film on the guy?
Think they have plenty of that on him

i think they are storing him for when the weather gets cold.
Just a question , but if Jacobs is activated , will it hurt our special teams ?

Who has to sit this one out , Celek ? Dobbs ? Dixon? ...Just wondering
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Hmmm, Brandon Jacobs complaining about playing time, shooting his mouth off in the press, and creating friction with the team. I'm sure the NYG fans are laughing. If the guy would just put his head down and keep working, his opportunity would come. It's a long season and anything can happen. But by bi**hing about his playing time, he's putting himself ahead of the team, and Harbaugh will not respond well to that.
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