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Latest Webzone Podcast: Revenge of the Smith

With Richard on movie leave, Oscar invites back Matt Barrows, beat writer for the Sacramento Bee, to recap the bludgeoning of the Bills and break down the much anticipated matchup between the 49ers and the New York Giants. Will the new-look offense be able to sustain their dominance against an underachieving New York team? The 49ers are amped up for an epic rematch and so are we in this week's episode.

Listen to the Podcast:
You and Matty B do a great job discussing the topics we are all thinking about, Oscar.

Not sure I agree with you about going with Haggans over Bakhtiari (who HAS been very stout vs the run).. but it's a small and nit-picky disagreement.

Carlos Rodgers hasn't been playing as well... particularly in the Vikes and Bills games. Not sure if the soft cushions are to blame, but even his balance in changing direction seems.. more off.

I like your thinking, Oscar. Attack the weak spot of the NYG at LG with Justin and Aldon... let's get Eli throwing some poor passes and maybe this time, our DBs will intercept instead of knocking each other out for the passes.

hope others enjoyed it as much as I did.

This was really a lot of fun to listen to.. thanks.
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