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Moving on w/ humble hearts

Originally posted by McLovinAlexSmith:
i chose not to re-live those moments.

This. I don't ever rewatch or read about anything regarding "the dark ages", as I refer to them.

They were painful enough to live through, don't need to go back and relive the misery now that we are back to prominence.

I do wonder how I did it though. That was a long, long time of really bad football. Yet, I still watched every minute of every game and even flew out to see several.


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What blows my mind is that in thinking about each and every one of those awful years is that I was hopeful before each and every one of them. Even in the face of dearth of talent, poor coaching, and poor management, I would think that "this is the year some miracle happens and they turn it around". Last year was clearly that year.
That was painful
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I could only watch 30 seconds before I turned it off. Just seeing those scores was enough to have PTSD. I'm glad those days are over.
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