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Name your Favorite 49ers WR .. besides Jerry , T.O and J.T

Battle, during our lean years he was the only thing really worth watching.
Originally posted by GORO:
Brent Jones is my pick. He was a tight end but caught a lot of passes.
Can't believe it took 5 pages for Brent Jones to get some love. Yes he was a TE but he was 10x the receiver that most of the guys mentioned here were.
Originally posted by qnnhan7:
Dude... I'm not that old. Didn't get to see Gene played but heard good things on NFL Films.

I am, but was in kindergarten. Niners had a good team back then ended abruptly cause the WFL stole some of the better players.
Darrell Jackson
Ashley Lelie
John Taylor
Isaac Bruce

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Eric Johnson
Joe Staley. He catches every pass thrown to him.

Originally posted by TinyHandsBigHeart:
Joe Staley. He catches every pass thrown to him.

Ill see your Joe Staley.....and raise you a Issac Sopoaga.....he has the same amount of catches but 1 yard more than Staley
Dwight Clark
Isaac Bruce
Kyle Williams... YEAH I SAID IT, I like the guys drive, running style, hands, work ethic, and ability to make a big play
Originally posted by Mr.Mcgibblets:

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tyms,palmer owosu
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