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Name your Favorite 49ers WR .. besides Jerry , T.O and J.T

Battle, during our lean years he was the only thing really worth watching.
Originally posted by GORO:
Brent Jones is my pick. He was a tight end but caught a lot of passes.
Can't believe it took 5 pages for Brent Jones to get some love. Yes he was a TE but he was 10x the receiver that most of the guys mentioned here were.
Originally posted by qnnhan7:
Dude... I'm not that old. Didn't get to see Gene played but heard good things on NFL Films.

I am, but was in kindergarten. Niners had a good team back then ended abruptly cause the WFL stole some of the better players.
Darrell Jackson
Ashley Lelie
John Taylor
Isaac Bruce

Eric Johnson
Joe Staley. He catches every pass thrown to him.
Originally posted by TinyHandsBigHeart:
Joe Staley. He catches every pass thrown to him.

Ill see your Joe Staley.....and raise you a Issac Sopoaga.....he has the same amount of catches but 1 yard more than Staley
Dwight Clark
Isaac Bruce
Kyle Williams... YEAH I SAID IT, I like the guys drive, running style, hands, work ethic, and ability to make a big play
Originally posted by Mr.Mcgibblets:

tyms,palmer owosu