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Name your Favorite 49ers WR .. besides Jerry , T.O and J.T

I was always a fan of Eddie McCaffrey , he was a big , fast target with good hands, the perfect #3 WR with #2 talent ....Shanny knew what he was capable of , thats why he brought him to Denver
Roger Craig

(and, yes, I know).
Originally posted by English:
Roger Craig

(and, yes, I know).

well , he DID rack up over 1,000 yards receiving in one season ....greatest receiver out of the backfield ...EVER
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Damn.. as I think back, there are so few of actual worth to consider.

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Tom Rathman. Punished defenses on screens
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gene washington of course. freddie soloman up next
Chuck Woolery
AJ Jenkins !
Mike Wilson, played in every SB with Joe.

Mike Sherrard, Nate Singleton, our number 3s in the Montana/young transition.

Frederick Solomon and Dwight Clark, forever the special 2 that got our run started.

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Freddie Solomon - R.I.P
JJ Stokes....and then bam!
Nate Singleton was raw as a backup... I also thought that Tai Streets was a cool complimentary receiver.
Sanjay Beach
I always liked watching Brandon Lloyd play - could have done without his off-field act at the time though
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