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Wishing you could re-watch sundays game?

Theres a guy i know on facebook that posts every game every week!!
Im a big fan of his and very grateful as i enjoy re watching every game.
which is why I love DT, just record every game. I live in the central time zone so If the Niners aren't playing Monday, Sunday nIght, or on thursday's I miss out. Now I just record every game and re-watch throughout the week.
I know man I miss my DVR so much
Kind of already a thread on this but thanks for sharing. It's up in the sticky threads which can be easy to miss. Added a post mentioning this. This is good for anyone that wants to re-watch the tv broadcast with full commentary. Whomeam's thread he breaks up the offense and defensive drives for anyone looking to break down film instead of just re-watching it. He has also found the coaches film for those that want to see the entire field (all 22) version of the game.
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This thread title reminds me of this old commercial:

Thanks. Great quality.

Insee what JH said when the d all played in unison. It was a thing of beauty out there. On to the Bills!
Then my friends.. I bring you Arch49er's facebook

He uploads all 49er games, dating back to last year. He also uploads condensed versions without commercials!
I really love that this guy does this so i wanna share it with you guys
Thanks for sharing!

That's how I rewatched it...mods should also add this to the pinned thread on how to watch games online
The feds will be coming now...
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You should watch mine instead

This seasons games in 720p

At least im a member of this forum :)
this is an awesome and amazing
facebook page
It really is a great page. I added him after the Jets game as a friend. The crazy thing is I actually considered not taping this game. Thank goodness my better judgment prevailed.
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