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Should the team consider moving Staley to the right?

Not this season even though Anthony Davis is outplaying Staley by a wide margin.
Originally posted by 49rz4Life:
Had no idea you could look into the future Mr.Cleo. They said the same about Larry Allen. He was still fierce. Let him give it a try. Hes 6' 5" 355 for goodness sake and mean. Just rotate for Pass protection and rush protection.

Wasn't it Larry Allen's fault Rocky Benard separated Alex's shoulder in 07?
Originally posted by SFrush:
Wasn't it Larry Allen's fault Rocky Benard separated Alex's shoulder in 07?

yea but............Whos fault was it that Gore rushed for 1600 the year before ?
Yes Davis needs to move to the left side. Staley must win the job on the right

Next season
A little surprised at this sentiment considering the guy is coming off his first Pro Bowl and had played against some of the elite pass rushers in the first few weeks. Staley is a good LT, not dominant but very good. Have we forgot the Jonas Jennings era already?
Now that we got rid of Rachal and found Alex Boone, we finally found stability in our O-line. Let's not rock the boat when there's no real reason to. Staley had a below-average day against Clay Mathews, and had a rough time against Jared Allen on a day where our entire team came out flat. Meanwhile, Anthony Davis and Alex Boone are settling into a groove on the right side and the last thing we need to do is jeopardize that by moving either of them.
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no we should worry about the center position. goodwin is 30+.
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