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Thoughts from INSIDE THE BUILDING...

Not going to blame the coaching game plan for this loss. The players came out not as intense as the Vikes. Couldn't get it together to overcome the Vikes on offense and defense. Seemed like they were waiting for one side to lean on but couldn't count on neither. Even tackling wasn't the same. No crispness that we saw out of the defense in the previous 2 games.

I expect better against the Jets.
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What I noticed was that in three straight weeks we played teams with mobile QBs with strong arms and no running game but today we changed our Defensive approach- and lost.

They have no running game and yet we sat back and watched ponder throw all day because we couldnt cover WR with our base D.

Coaching was the s**ts

Stafford isn't mobile, general point is somewhat valid but Stafford is one of the leagues worst QBs outside of the pocket.. You also can't say the Vikes dont have a run game because even its AP 9 months removed from 2 repaired knee tendons he is still AP and Harvin might as well have been an RB just like Cobb was for GB. They had success with both of them and even if AP was only averaging 2.5/3 YPC for the the first 2.5 quarters, he helped put the game out of reach as time wore on.

This was our first time playing our base defense the entire season and we lost because we let someone beat us at our own game of power running with a moderate pass attack that maximized its weapons on low risk/high reward plays. I'd really hate to include Alex in this but unlike him Ponder decisively ran it today if it wasn't there, his TD was on a play that he knew was busted before the TE even got 5 yards down field so he just took off. Credit to them for taking what we gave them, we gave too much and lost. Conservative coaching, play calling and yes even QB play lost us this game as well as a very subpar effort form our D. We had very few bright spots today and it wasn't cohesive at all.

Gore getting 12 touches a game is okay, but only if we are handing the rock off to Hunter, LMJ, Jacobs, or even Ginn or Manningham at least another 12 times. Seriously we called a run 16 times compared to 42 drop backs -- we clearly got away from our identity as run first power team. Throwing the ball more often is okay but only if you take shots down the field and the longest play all game was the attempt at Moss in the end zone, outside of that I dont think a ball traveled 10 yards past the LOS today.

Based on our game plan this game was lost back on Monday, the success of our team starts with our coaches and they failed the team this week with a terrible game plan on both sides of the ball. Yes our players, with the exception of a few, played like trash but this game was doomed from the get-go with that kind of a game plan.

The commentators were absolutely right. The Minnesota Vikings played 49ers football.

It's almost as if they copied our formula. The Vikings:
1. Converted third downs and methodically worked their way down the field on 80+ yard drives. They had a good mix of run plays together with short and medium range passes.
2. Avoided turnovers.
3. Stopped the run and took away the deep pass.
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