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What would make you cream your pants on Sunday?

  • mayo49
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I'd cream my pants if Alex throws for 300 yds., 4 tds. and no picks.
Originally posted by mayo49:
I'd cream my pants if Alex throws for 300 yds., 4 tds. and no picks.

When I read the title of the thread, this was my exact thought, +80 yards 2TDs randy moss
Lap dances from strippers while I watch the game with some chicken wings and beer.
Mila Kunis
I would go ape if Alex were to connect on a 80 yard bomb just as my old girl friend from Lahti were to call and say let's do it again.
I'm very easy to please. 220-250 yards for Alex with 2 or 3 TDs. If only two, one for Moss and one for Crabs. If three, two for Moss and one for Crabs. I love watching Moss score and I want to see his TDs average out to one a game.
Also, I want one to be a bomb to Moss and one red zone, 10 yards or less score.
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  • Ether
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About 400 yards, 3 touchdowns.

For Michael Crabtree.
Vikings total offense <100 yards
3 -- 80yds time killing drives all end in TDs for the Niners

0 turn over

...and a Win at the end of the day.

three or more TDs from defense!
2 Things that would make me cream tomorrow. If both happen, I just might have the best orgasm of my life.

1.) I want to see the D come up big with 3+ turnovers, hold AP under 50 yards, and just downright dominate the Vikings offense.

2.) I just want one long bomb, like a 30+ yard pass with a lot of RAC (YAC) and a TD. I could care less who receives the pass, I just want to see an explosive pass play. Just one please.
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Mila Kunis
Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Angel
Olivia Wilde
Zoe Saldana
Net negative yards for AP....bang, bang.
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