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Turning Point | 49ers vs Lions Week 2

Both Alex Smith and Alex Boone are awesome. I love what they bring to this team and the story lines that each own. That little bit of Boone talking at the end with Staley saying "We shut those guys up" f**king LOVE it. Goddamn. I don't think I can even put into words how great this team is.
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Found it funny when he was screaming "HURRY UP ALEX." Not sure why, but for some reason that moment captures the closeness of Harbaugh and Alex's relationship.
Always good to hear whats been said during a game on our sidelines. Our boys wanted this one.
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Thanks for posting this, 5NorCalSavage2! You're a bawse!

Good s**t right there! I'm loving this team!
2-0 up having beaten two very good teams and Smith says "lot of room for improvement."

I find that very encouraging. This team has a great attitude.
"So much more stability there"

Money quote.

Our issues were always systemic. Smith was as much a victim of the lack of organization, and therefore an inability to implement successful systems, as the rest of the team was. Proof? Look at all the other QB's that played during Smith's tenure: JTO, Hill, Troy, Dilfer, they all sucked too for the same reason. Just what we "Alexcuser's" said all along.

Smith deserves this recognition...his loyalty and belief have been unwavering, as has the loyalty of those that have understood the true nature of our troubles.
God bless Alex Smith.
Im HARD after watching that
Pretty awesome. A bit hyped by the media right now but I don't care. Good for Smith after all the crap that's been said about what he can't do.

At the risk of pure redundancy, that really was FU**ING AWESOME !!!! Wtached the game many times so far, but didn't feel the chills like I did when I watched this 8+ minute vid.

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That was pretty awesome. I'd still argue that the Saints game was his true turning point if it wasn't the David Carr chants, sure in the NFCCG we only completed 1 pass to a damn WR but since that Saints game Alex has been killing it.
watched that video an hour ago and my boner hasnt gone away yet
I love that Alex is breaking out this year. Think what you will about him, I can't see how people can't respect how tough he is. Awesome shots of him making plays with blood all over his face.
Someone show this to the people over at EA
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