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A thought on Singletary and where we are...

Originally posted by SealTeam6:
Grown men change themselves. Not giving Sing credit for anything.

He sucked in every way possible. Pulling his pants down to make a point, give me a f.. king break.

Nolan deserves credit. Sing, not a chance.

where does Nowin get credit for ?
Gaad he was a moron. The cross, the stubbornness, the ego, all of it. Plus forcing the Taylor Mays pick. A poopstorm from beginning to end.
To his credit - he was THE factor in turning VD around.

Everything else he did was flushable.
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I give bigger credit to Nolan. He built the defense into what it is now. Sing was just a motivator who had absolutely no x's and o's coaching experience.
Originally posted by qnnhan7:
Patrick Willis in his latest presser mentioned Mike wanted him to take on 300lbs lineman straight on when Patrick was trying to go around the guy. That's all good for trying to get your guy to overachieve. His 'I did it, so you can do it too'. Not everyone plays like you Mike. But that type of MLB mentality just don't work as a HC. I suspect he applied that mentality to most aspect of football. That doesn't work with game planning and calling plays.

I don't even think Singletary is that good of a linebacker coach. Fangio .... that's was a motherfreak'n linebacker coach.

Roger Craig to Randy Cross about the Dome Patrol, "I don't know who that guy is, but don't let him hit me again."
He was good medicine until he lost his way. He still gets credit for shaping the character of these players though.
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Awesome football player,motivator, talent evaluator. Just needed more experience as a coach.
We were bad for a long time. We had alot of early round picks. It wasnt that hard to gather the talent, but it takes a coach like Harbaugh to use it properly.

I give Sing credit for mentoring Patrick Willis in his early years, but he pounded the table for Taylor Mays in the 2nd. He was in WAY over his head as a HC. He gets a little credit, but not much.
anything Singletary did that ended up being successful for us, was pure luck. Dude is as smart as a rock.
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I would give him credit for instilling discipline, it gave the next guy something to build on.

Sing definately made this team entertaining, (not necessarily on game day). I think young Jedi York deserves most of the credit for everything thus far...he was pretty damn young when he took over...but the day he took over is the day we started turning this franchise around, in a very short time period he turned this team into SuperBowl was dreadfull when his parents were running the show...AND Eddie D has been helping him out
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Sing has his uses but he is NOT remotely qualified as a coach/coordinator or talent evaluator.

Sing's ideal role in football is the enforcer who provides attitude and inspiration to the team. Call him the assistant HC to stroke his ego but use him to keep everyone focused.
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
To his credit - he was THE factor in turning VD around.

Everything else he did was flushable.

that was so drastic a personality change, i still think VD was roiding early in his career.......... he was teammates he merriman in maryland, just saying.
Originally posted by VANiner:
We all know that there are several things that have gone into the rebirth of this team. The hiring of Harbaugh, the promotion of Baalke, the superior drafting (both with Baalke and before he took the lead), the selective signings of quality free agents, etc. That said, I wonder if there has been an almost perfect storm in the fact that Mike Singletary preceded our current coach. Here me out...

Singletary is a big believer in the old style, smath-mouth game and thought that just being meaner and stronger would lead to wins. We all know, after watching countless games of our team floundering while trying to "run it up the gut" and winning the battle of attrition, that his theory didn't work without proper schemes and adjustments. This is one of the many areas where Singletary failed, as he just couldn't comprehend the "X's and O's" of the game and implement any type of real game plan for either side of the ball.

But, I wonder if Big Mike might have had a larger part in the 49er rebirth than he really gets credit for. We all know the influence that he had on V. Davis, and look at where that guy is of the, if not the best, TEs in the league. However, I remember watching our 9ers in the 2009 and 2010 seasons and being amazed at the physicallity that they displayed, especially on defense. I really believe that Singletary instilled that philosophy with this team (or at least the guys who were there at the time...Willis, Goldson, Smith, Sopagoa, McDonald, Brooks, etc.) and that Harbaugh's vision has meshed perfectly with it. Harbaugh is just that much better at defining an offensive and defensive scheme (along with Roman and Fangio) and knowing how to coach instead of motivate.

For all it's worth, I think when it is all said and done, we all may owe Singletary a little bit more than just being glad he is gone. I think he had an effect on this locker room, and Harbaugh has harnessed that and really turned it into a winner.

Sing did well in a few aspects but as a head coach he sucked. At the time he just didn't know what to do. He was terrible at being able to acquire talented coordinators and that is what ultimately sunk him. He was great as a motivator for some of the players but terrible with others. I just think their was lot of the job that he didn't know how to do.
Originally posted by BobS:
I would give him credit for instilling discipline, it gave the next guy something to build on.

Bob, you speak truth, my brother. Singletary will probably never be a good NFL coach; but his presence and almost machine-like discipline helped lay some of the foundation of the 9ers today.
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