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Quotes from the other side...Detroit Lions edition

Originally posted by LA9erFan:
LG in the house!

Originally posted by ninermedic:
Yeah it doesn't seem right doing it to the Vikings fans, they are already demoralized. Takes the fun right out of it. I want to create an account over there just to get them to keep their chins up lol

Classy (Niner) fan move!

Back in the day, Niner players beat teams on the field and as classy, high character human beings.
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Great post Stoney! Thanks for digging this up for us!
Love this thread.
Originally posted by mcbaes72:
Originally posted by verb1der:
OMG we ran it on 3rd that even legal


Read all the quotes on this thread and I gotta agree...this one made me LOL the most!
This one reminds me of Raye and Dingleberry.
Originally posted by SunDevilNiner79:
good post Stoney!

I also like reading the opponents newspaper coverage the day or two after we've beat the tar out of them. The Green Bay coverage was epic.
Good one Stoney...this should be postgame tradition
I was reading through the Lions forums all game. I do that with every opponent when I have the chance. So entertaining
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