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Predictions after week 2

Drink it up.

We ain't losin to the weak ass Giants or the Seahawks... that it is all. Thank you.
I don't want to sound homerish but I really really don't see any team on our schedule that we should lose to. If we can dismantle the Packers and Lions as easily as we did... I don't know. Giants and New England are the toughest and maybe the Seattle game. but realistically we have a great shot at winning all of those too.
perfect seasonperfect season perfect season perfect season perfect season perfect season

No chance we lose to NY at home... If there's one game everyones' got circled and will most definitely be prepared for, it's that one. 19-0.
No doubt one game or two they have an off day and a team fighting for its playoff life will eek out a win like the Cardinals game last year. But two at the most, I predicted 14-2 before the season and I'm staying with that.
We don't lose until the real refs come (which is not until next season (and it will be a fluke loss BTW))
What a difference a year makes. Last fall werent most of the posters hoping for 10-6, and the "realists" guessing at 8-8? Now we are talking about a perfect season? I can see 10-6 (harbaugh kills entire team however) I can see 12-4, I can even see 19-0 and those left from the 72 dolphins are crying in their champagne. One week at a time. We are 0-0 right now going into MN, need a win this week. Then 0-0 going to play Sanchez.

One at a time. Win the division. Secure Home Field. Win the NFCCG, then the Dance. One at a time, think Harbs is preaching anything different?
Originally posted by Lott49ersFan:
No chance we lose to NY at home... If there's one game everyones' got circled and will most definitely be prepared for, it's that one. 19-0.

You said it! Been waiting for that one since the schedule came out!
13-3 only because we havent learned how to completely ko teams yet.

Gonna get snake bit a couple of times until they learn how to NOT leave as many plays on the field.

Damn that sounds negative in spite of the start
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My thinking goes in the direction of one play at a time.
We'll lose to NE and SEA in the last month of the season....maybe even the Jets bc its an east coast trip at 10AM.

at seattle is always tough... but still. 16-0
Nice that we Niner fans, who have paid the faith price for over a decade, can now all rejoice together and have fun

I agree with posts (NinerBuff, 49AllTheTime, AB83Rules) that 1. shouldnt overlook NYG and New England, and 2. at end of season, if we already won our division, Niners will put in backups to play, which means we stand a chance to lose our games and miss the 16-0 boat.

But just the same, assuming all things remain the same, we should hit 12-4, or 13-3, or 14-2... We should be in playoff, and we should contend for Superbowl #6
game bay game, we dont know how good this team can truly be. everyone says its too early, and i agree but on this primise, we arent at full strength yet, so id like to relax and watch, remember singletary said this team was special he just wasnt the onevto coach it be he saw it. and oh 14-2
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