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niners showed killer instinct tonite

last year the 2nd td pass to vernon is probably a run to set up a field goal in the middle of the field

also loved how vernon davis and delanie walker drove avril backwards a good 10 years into the sideline, and anthony davis putting his man into the ground after driving him back a good distance
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I think Alex is at a point where he can do pretty much what he needs to. He has all the pieces and knows what to do with them. If there is one difference from last year, it is Alex Boone and the OL. Alex has the confidence to take a few chances as he knows the OL won't break down especially on 3rd downs nearly as much as in the past. I think barring injuries, this team could really stomp teams in the latter part of the season.
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good teams finish strong and finish games and that is exactly what we did.. our fellow poster sus should be feeling good today,, all his boys,, alex,, crabs,, kyle had a major role to play in the win last night
2 games in a row where it ended with us taking a knee. I recall a time when that was NEVER the case. Feels good man.
Kyle Williams has rebounded mentally.
Solid game.

The great news - we aren't even close to peaking.

The Oline owned the Lions Dline. The score didn't reflect our dominance.
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I think they fell short of killer instinct. They did what they had to do down the stretch to put the game away. Killer instinct would have been to stretch the lead and pull away before halftime...which they had several opportunities to do, but blew instead.
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