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Where are our weaknesses?

This is, as of today, the most complete team in the NFL.

Great Defense (LBs, DBs, DLs), Very Good O-Line, Excellent RBs, Great TE, Good WRs, Good QBs, Great Kicker, Awesome Coach.

We are in the fortunate position of being so deep that our rookies barely do anything for us.

The only thing that can beat this team is itself.
...we love winning too much?
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Go bears!
Very few, but delanie is making me think we should look into a backup TE next season.
ST is kind of meh right now
OLB rotation

we cant have aldon and brooks play every snap on defense way too exhaustig and cause them to ware down in the end of the game
Drops... 3rd and short/3rd down overall
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
OLB rotation

we cant have aldon and brooks play every snap on defense way too exhaustig and cause them to ware down in the end of the game

Good one... wondering when Haggins will start to get some playing time. Maybe against the worse teams/in blowouts.

Defense getting sloppy towards ends of games

3rd down situations, especially third and short.

Special teams return and coverage. And the 3rd &1. They should try to fake and throw out of 3rd &1.
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Nose bridge protection. Its glaringly weak.
Very few chinks to be honest.

The offense is so steady, the defense is elite, and as critical as we are of the special teams, they're a very good unit too. The coaching staff is creative and our players are disciplined. It's a COMPLETE football team.

The biggest question has always been, "How do the 49ers do in a shootout?" but we've thwarted Drew Brees, Matthew Stafford, AND Aaron Rodgers in our last four games. That's not the problem.

It's cliche, but the only way I see us losing is us beating ourselves and playing sloppy.
The offense.

Now before y'all bust me up, hear me out.

I love what our offense is doing. We have a great run game, are best at managing the clock, and have the ability to make big plays at key times. With that said, the playcalling has been a hindrance. Two weeks in a row we BLEW OUT the opposition, and Im not overstating this. Both the Packers and the Lions had no right to make these games into one possession affairs, yet it was our offensive playcalling that put us in these positions. We have got to make the kill shot when we get our chance. The defense is awesome, but you cant expect them to shut offenses out each and every drive. Somewhere they're gonna crack, and the fact that the Lions were an offside kick away / Packers were a great Culliver cover of Nelson away from actually taking it down to the wire is not a fair assessment of just how good this team really is.

I know we got some great new pieces in the passing game, and maybe we're still trying to get comfortable with them. But Id like to see the team put the nail in the coffin when they get their chance. In this case, we shouldve ended this game at the end of the 2nd quarter. Im hoping Harbaugh and company start implementing the long ball into the arsenal, and start working on converting some of those 3rd and shorts.
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