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Who's the meanest/nastiest player on the 9ers squad?

Whitner, J Smith, Anthony Davis, and Patty

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I'm going with Whitner.

Knocking Thomas out cold before he even hit the ground was nasty.

But it's not just that. He was getting after people last week in GB. Most of the back and forth with Finley was with Whitner. Dude doesn't back down and will knock punks out.
my vote goes to whitner too.
When it comes to nastiness, I think we are talking about something different than Justin Smith. Dude is relentless, but always a humble guy. He is just hard nosed. He isn't nasty to the point of ill tempered. He is just a workhorse. Same as Willis.

Anthony Davis is the person. I remember hearing an interview about him last year where he said he starts s**t just to see Iupati get into the mix to get his back. Dude is always playing tough with an edge of meanness.

Him or Whitner. Whitner gives no f**ks about anything. He is out to hurt people.

I'm just glad we don't have anyone like Ingocnito on our team. Our players play hard, and with an edge, and a few of them with mean intentions, but mostly within the concepts of making plays.
Anthony Davis is definitely the meanest/nastiest.
davis is by far the nastiest lineman we have. on defense tho i think we have a few badasses who like to talk. whitner for sure brings the pain any chance he gets and justin smith is a beast out there too, when he gets a sack he lets them know he just got a sack lol
Its Justin Smith, and its not even close.

He routinely manhandles 2 OL at once to allow the pass rush to swoop in. The guy can overpower TWO NFL offensive lineman at once. Its incredible.
was he that sick with cincy? i think we woulda heard more about him if he was this much of a beast for them too. Justin Smith is the f**kin man!
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:

You know, I never realized that was Whitner making that block. I thought it was Cully. Damn, Whitner had a hell of a game. Laid out two players rofl.

I think goldson is a bigger hitter than whitner
Think that you are a Quarterback in the NFL and see this across the line of scrimmage;

Anthony Davis is a good nominee but not yet meanest on the squad, on twitter he gets the trophy.

Too much patty-cake at times from Anthony Davis to select him for this award. He can get nasty with some run blocks at times, but too often does not finish.

Larry Grant is actually a good choice, as he does play with a nasty edge... but he doesn't play enough to get the nod.

My votes would go to:

offense = Alex Boone ( my kind of twisted player that will be smiling malevolently as he is whipping your arse or even getting his arse whipped.. just a sick-minded individual! )
defense = Justin Smith ( shows only the cold, dead eyes until he begins to rip through OL... then the eyes show an intense and primal killer unleashed!
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So much nasty talk in this thread
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