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Who's the meanest/nastiest player on the 9ers squad?

Anthony Davis gets my vote. Not a dirty player, but one of the nastiest and meanest players on the team. I was just watching last years game against Detroit and him and donkey kong suh were battling hard. Donkey kong is a dirty player, I'm glad to have Davis here as the enforcer. Davis isnt talked about a lot on the zone, except for an occasional penalty, but let's give him his props. We need guys like him that are willing to fight. Literally
Scott Tolzien
Davis or brooks
Goldson #2?
Justin Smith easily.
Justin Smith

Nuff said....
94 by far
Justin Smith
Alex Smiff no doubt.
The 49ers defense. Point blank, end of story, no questions.
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Mike " THE BIG NASTY " Iupati
Originally posted by JiksJuicy:

Justin Smith
Mike Iupati

My 2 picks, a 3rd, Good Ole Coach Harbaugh, he lets the "refs" have it each week.
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