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Football Gameplan's 2012 Niners vs Lions Video Preview

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Same thing for every 49er opponent

Stop the run, make Alex blah blah blah this would've been more accurate in 2009

I think the Ravens actually accomplished it last season.

But only after the Niners had like 3 days to get prepared between games.

Well if you want to look for an excuse, sure, lol. But the Ravens did take away the run and Alex didn't have a very good day, and we got an L.

The formula is cliche, but it's proven to work.

How is only having a few days an excuse? You think gameplanning and rest during a week is overrated or something?

I think gameplanning and rest are definitely crucial! I'm just looking at it strictly from a gameplanning perspective. Would the results have been different if the 49ers played that game home? That we can only speculate.

November 20th we had a game against the Cardinals. November 21st we had to fly across multiple time zones. Figure a practice in pads and gameplanning all day. November 22nd probably had a padded practice and gameplanning. November 23rd probably walk through. Novermber 24th is gameday.

Baltimore played on the 20th also, so you figure their schedule was the same, minus travel across time zones.

I don't know how much that plays into things, but it's quite possible things would have turned out differently had they flown here.
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Thank you Em! Spot on on just about even touched on us using our DB's to play physical and up tight at the LOS - physical with Calvin and the TE's. I could not agree more...we let GB's receiving run clean off the LOS and played way off them in a reaction-mode. This game NEEDS to be much more physical and you're right, their spread is different. We struggle against great TE's esp. in the RZ.

Agreed, very well done Em and you touched on everything. I know some 49ers fans are acting like Johnson is their only good player but Pettigrew and Scheffler solid TE's. I wouldn't mind if we played closer to the line and jammed WRs. We tend to play off more which benefits teams that use a timing system like Green Bay. Best way to stop a quick throwing, timing offense is to jam there WRs. Anyways, Lions aren't exactly like the Packers with their offensive system but still jamming Calvin (and the TEs) at the line gives more time for the rushers to get to Stafford. Less likely they can get downfield. Edit: Yeah, with the Packers it was mostly just put out a ton of Dbs so all the spots on the field were covered... play off a bit and just make then try and find a whole in the zone.

As for Em saying make Alex beat you I don't think he was disrespecting Alex because he has improved enough that he could beat some teams if they forced him to. To me it's more along the lines of you have a better shot if you can stop the run. Doesn't guarantee victory but it gives you a much better chance.

A good example was the Giants game last year. Gore had 6 carries for 0 yards at half time and didn't come back in I believe. Hunter had 6 for 40 and a TD, Alex had 27 rushing and 242 passing with a TD. The int was 110% Ginn's fault as it was right to him on an easy catch and it bounced off his hands into Webster's. So Hunter helped a bit on those 6 rushes but a good chunk of it was Alex Smith that game.
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We're going to f**king kill Detroit
Em, do you by chance keep track of your record of your picks? I know you do analysis of other games, but I really only watch the 49er ones. How do you do? Just curious.

(I watched all of your pre-game analysis last year and you have gotten much better. I dig it man, keep up the good work.)
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i donnt know if you have time for this when you do your videos or not but one improvmenent if i could suggest is show video of what youre talking about rather than pictures

I would rather listen to this guy then most of the idiots on NFL NETWORK.
The Ravens and Giants losses last year were perhaps the most brutal at shutting down the 49ers offense. Cardinals game too...

On Thanksgiving we had OL protection issues....and same with Cards game. If that were to happen AGAIN (god forbid), then an L can come from pretty much any team.

The Giants were lucky to be one of the few teams that can get after the QB with 4 guys, and unfortunately they locked up Davis & Crabtree forcing us to beat them with lower level players. They executed the best overall strategy at stopping SF with the personnel we had at the time.

While we were unlucky last year in that regard, we won't be this time around with plenty more weapons to go around.They couldn't shut down Smith during the regular season. If we had decent RZ conversion capabilities we would have smashed them hard.

I think with Manningham coming to our team, the Giants are gonna have a real struggle trying to beat us with just Nicks & Cruz, a subpar running game, a new TE who isn't quite as good as Jake Ballard (so it seems). And that's just on offense. Their CB situation will be a huge liability against any decent passing attack until they get Prince back.

Sorry for the OT...just had to mention that!
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