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admit it crossed your mind

Originally posted by goldstandard333:
Why are we debating the PAST? Forget about it, move on. Look to the bright future this team has.

You must have forgotten where u be at
No, it didn't even cross my mind. Turn the page and live in the now.
Originally posted by AB83Rules:
Also what I think would be against us is January in Wisconsin, Snow would of sucked. I dread the New England game in December, snow is highly probable.

Why would it suck? Bad weather negatively affects passing and they are WAY more reliant on the passing game than we are...that's why when the weather turns bad in January, the a team like the Packers the past couple years played amazing in a dome at Atlanta, but were in real dogfights vs. Philly and Chicago and the Giants. And all of Tom Brady's Super Bowls came from when the defense carried them. Every since they became pass, pass, pass all the time and his stats swelled, he hasn't won a ring. Another pass pass pass team, the Saints, did win the Super Bowl but only because they had home field advantage throughout and never had to leave their dome. When they had to play at Qwest against a 7-9 team in Jan. '11, even at Candlestick in Jan. '12 with great weather, they lost. You see what I'm saying? I think bad weather helps us, not hurts us.
Never gave it a thought - still don't.

It's a waste of time to think about what could-have-been.

I Vividly recall during the Montana-Young years - waking up on Sunday mornings and watching the Niner games expecting to score first and not just winning but winning by how much. I NEVER realized how good it was -

My Point - Cherish what we have now and get totally caught up in it. Nothing lasts forever. These are the special times for Niner fans.
we had no WRs so i think it would been harder to win that game
I didn't wanna go to GB last year. We had NO recievers to speak of and Crabtree seemed to be in a funk, I don't think it would've ended well to be honest.
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