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I hope we get a few rings before this coaching staff look to new horizons.
I can see some guys leaving. Roman could also go to the NCAA as a head coach. I can see Jim Tomsula getting a gig as a D-Coordinator. Dude is vastly underrated. Jim Leavitt could get another shot in as an NCAA coach too.
i think even if we lose some kkey guys we will be one of the top candinated people will consider especially if we bring some people in from the coollege ranks just because were contendors to get rings every year
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A few comments for the posts I have seen:

1. Roman will DEFINITELY get some calls for HC vacancies if this offense keeps clicking. It doesn't have to be spectacular to garner attention. Remember when McCarthy left for GB? He didn't do s**t the year he was here. Roman has MUCH more credibility now.

2. Gruden and Billick will get calls, but they can cherry pick. Gruden seems very content to make good money as an analyst.

3. Andy Reid won't be an OC next year. He will either do what Fischer did and just change teams or take a year off. He is way too respected as a HC, even if his team hasn't played well recently.

4. Jim Tomsula would suck to lose, but I think he would have left already if he was going to. He is very well respected around the league, has head coaching experience (NFL Europe and one game here), and has mastered his craft as a DL coach. Some guys just like to have stability and comfort.

5. Fangio SEEMS content as a DC. I doubt he leaves. Some guys are meant to be coordinators (see: Turner, Norv).

6. Leavitt could definitely leave for the NCAA. He has that issue with "assaulting" a player at his last gig, but winning heals all wounds. Just ask Bobby Knight.

Overall, I do think we will lose guys. Rathman could certainly get calls for OC jobs, but the beautiful thing is that Harbaugh seems to be able to find guys who can do their job. Harbaugh has an ego, but not so much that it scares him away from hiring talented guys. SIngeltary seemed threatened by coaches that knew what they were doing, but Harbaugh trusts the people around him to get the job done. Look at his relationship with Baalke. I'm sure coach has input on personnel decisions, but he always defers to Baalke. Leadership isn't about doing everything; it is about trusting the people around you to do their jobs. Love it.
If we win the SBowl Jed will shell out the $ to keep the staff together.
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
If we win the SBowl Jed will shell out the $ to keep the staff together.

i could see roman leaving for philly after reid gets canned
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
i could see roman leaving for philly after reid gets canned

doesn match vicks strength at all though (will help shady though)

vick is not an accurate passer he will crash and burn with roman onnly way i see it happen is if they decide to go with foles
MO, Kyle Shanahan needs to hire an OC who can at least help him with game planning. I never liked the Saleh hire but I think we should give him one more year. I do think we need to upgrade at our Defensive Backs and Defensive Line coaching staff(s)
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