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Patrick Willis: Over hyped or Under appreciated

No player in the NFL makes 5 straight pro-bowls in as many years playing, consistently voted to the all-pro team by AP and holds a DROY to boot, if they are not a great player.

However, in Fangio's new scheme I'm having a really difficult time appreciating P.Willy's value. For the last year I've just chalked it up to my lack of understanding, but I'm tired of that excuse. So I'm hoping someone can break it down for me what it is Willis does that sets him apart (aside for character). Is he really a game changer and if so how? Is anyone willing to help?
He is no where near Over-hyped.
I like him being a tackler and run stopper...

I don't like this covering the TE crap
Cut him.

Neither. Everybody knows he's the best in the business.
In 2012, PW was better than NB at pass protection. that's what it came down to. alternate would be risk Bowman (reminder: it was his first year starting w/o a true off season) getting worked in coverage (in close games btw).

If Bowman stepped up his pass protection then we'll see these two guys switch roles from play to play...

He's awesome /thread
Both. Overhyped by us overall an also under appreciated by us as well. Weird dichotomy. He does have some areas he needs to improve upon (coverage esp. in the RZ, pass rushing, big-play-making player, rises up in the biggest games, etc.) but he's even decent at those. All other areas, he's textbook, all-pro and an even better person and role-model.
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Willis is a fantastic LB, but he isn't flawless. Overrated or under-appreciated... hmmm... I'd think the vast majority have a very high and appropriate opinion of him. A few might be quick to expect perfection of him (overrate), and will be occasionally disappointed... but # 52 is an elite LB with the dedication to his game that accompanies the best.
If there's one thing Willis needs to work on, its speeches like this!

There are 31 other teams and every fan in the league that would love to have him.

Can't quite understand why a few niner fans don't get it. Dude is a top 10 players in the league as voted by his peers.
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