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Is Manningham Better Than Josh Morgan?

I think potentially Morgan could be better, but there is no doubt Manningham has better production and clutch moments.

Morgan looked like he was ready to breakout last year, sadly he got hurt. I can't wait to seem with RGIII.

I still think we made a good trade based on the numbers.
Not to mention MM has playoff and SB experience, is coming off a SB win and played a critical role in winning that championship so I definitely think the switch was worth it. Morgan might have a better year statistically but he'll very likely be warming his couch in January 2013 while MM and the niners play in the playoffs.
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Originally posted by cciowa:
yes morgan was over rated by the webzone, just like arnez battle was

Yep. Manningham is the better WR.
Morgan was tougher and had better hands. Giants fans around here (NJ) were always complaining about Mario not making catches. Figures he makes that ridiculous one in the SB.
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I think Manningham is a more fluid natural receiver... Morgan caught the ball with his body which always irked me. Vernon davis was the same early in his career. He still shows hints of it by jumping in the air for passes that are already hitting him in the numbers but oh well... he's better.
Originally posted by Frisco69ers:
lets see Morgan is an established #2 WR. and Manningham hasnt taken a snap on the field yet as a niner.

Disagree, Morgan is NOT a #2 WR, he is, like Mario, a #3 WR, with potential to be a #1 or #2. Morgan has I believe 2 ahead of him, Garcon and Moss in Washigton, with Hankerson right there with him, Mario is the #3 clear cut. Behind him is Ginn and Williams, neither are a #3, #2 or #1 WR, Ginn is a pure returner, with potential for gimmick plays, and Kyle is undersized, has speed, but isn't a top WR.

Will Morgan have a better year, maybe. I will wait to see, I don't buy that Morgan has done anything to prove he is better. Morgan was a starter on a bad 49ers team, with bad WR group, same as Battle was. Mario has actually played consistent. I expect Mario as the future #2 WR past 2013. With Jenkins getting to the #1 later on.
Talent-wise, yes but he lacks the chemistry Morgan had with Alex. In all due time.
Originally posted by natrone06:
Free agency tells all.

Morgan essentially two-year deal worth up to $12 million, with $7.5 million guaranteed

Manningham two-year, $7.375 million I think around 4 million guaranteed.

Some will say Washington overpaid. Either way you can see the free market sees them as similar level receivers.

the free

If you asked me without money involved which I'd rather have...i'd take Morgan...but he got overpaid by Washington so I'm cool with Manningham.
Mario Manningham(WR) Received a $2M signings bonus(pro-rated over 2 seasons through 2013), $250K roster bonuses tied into game day actives in 2012 and 2013, plus $100K workout bonuses in 2012 and 2013, and $2.45M in salary guarantees.

From my salary cap section on Part of those 250k workout bonuses are unique. He gets around 187,500k automatic, due to previous seasons active wise, he was active 12 games I believe in 2011 for NYG. Same goes for 2013 roster bonus.

The 100k workout bonuses aren't guaranteed, but likely. Of his 3.8M 2013 salary, and I forgot to note this, over 2M is guaranteed. We got Manningham cheaper than Morgan, and a better deal seems it for Manningham.
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Originally posted by 49erRider:
Originally posted by cciowa:
yes morgan was over rated by the webzone, just like arnez battle was

Yep. Manningham is the better WR.

did Morningham even play one snap in preseason?
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