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Niners first offensive play against the Packers

1. Gore off Left Tackle for 5 yards
2. Playaction Pass to Miller in the Flat for 12 yards
3. 4 WR /Shotgun Slant to Moss for 17 yards
4. Gore up the Middle for 4 yards
5. Playaction pass to Williams in the Slot for 40 Yards ...TOUCHDOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex rolls to his right and hits Crabs on a out route for 11 yards.
alex smith bounce pass of mccarthy's big ass head to Crabs on a slant and he takes it to the house, finds randy moss in the endzone and they both moon lambeau. championship.
#3 wideout set Moss, Crabtree, Manningham
VD is also lined up on the outside

Alex Smith in the shotgun with gore next to him

Flea Flicker+Hail Mary Moss catches it but then laterals it to Crabtree with Manningham blocking down the field
Play 1: FB Dive
Play 2: Gore Power
Play 3: Gore Power
Play 4: Punt

Oh wait...for some reason I thought this was 2010 again.
Frank Gire off tackle
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1 of the following:

Gore off tackle for negative yardage.
TD off a turnover.
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How about the same play call to open the Baltimore game but this time Smith HITS Delanie Walker on that deep pass!! So many weapons it's scary!!!
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They'll run the play from the Denver preseason game where Smith overthrew Moss. This time he'll let Moss take 3 defenders and hit a wide-open Manningham on the deep crossing route in the area Moss cleared out. 35 yards total.

Gore up the middle behind my man, Iupati.
Originally posted by Rubberneck36:
I think we will snap the ball to the quarterback

Harbs will set the tempo with MOSS DEEP DOWN FIELD!
sack + strip fumble recovery by Matthews like the lions game

same result to
Originally posted by ads_2006:
sack + strip fumble recovery by Matthews like the lions game

same result to

That was retarded. Staley needs to put a stop to that sh*t. He actually had the same thing in the Houston game back in 2009.
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