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Candlestick Parking Thread

Originally posted by ChazBoner:
Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
once you are in you are sort of OK...

so far they stopped the pat downs and went with metal wand detectors

oh s**t, never mind. I misread his question. . Thought he meant in the parking lot.

You can still drink freely in the parking lots but they have cracked down on some ridiculous things. You can't bring open drinks into the parking lots anymore (like park in the dirt lots or others, and grab a beer for the walk in? Gotta toss it when you hit the main parking lots) and you can no longer drink in that huge line waiting to get into the stadium. Just strange rules.
what if you get caught inside sipping out of a camelbak? they toss you?
Originally posted by davide49:
how about getting liquor into the stadium? How tough is security?

put these in your socks...been doing it the last couple of games
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