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Debunking the "tough" schedule

The team with the toughest schedule is every team that has to play us.
nothings as tough as the niners so im not care
If you look at last year, the team had a pretty tough schedule and could have gone undefeated. The Dallas loss was a game they blew and lost in OT. They blew the Cards game after having a big lead. Even the Ravens...if they don't get that Ginn TD called back they might have won that game. Their style of play kept them in every game last year and I think it will this year too. No way they go 13-3 but I think 11-5 or 10-6 is realistic and enough to win the division
Listen n00b,

It IS a tough schedule. Patriots, Saints, Packers, Bears, Giants, Lions.
To be the best you have to beat the best. I have zero problems with the schedule
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
Listen n00b,

It IS a tough schedule. Patriots, Saints, Packers, Bears, Giants, Lions.

The Bears blow
Originally posted by DirtyP:
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
Listen n00b,

It IS a tough schedule. Patriots, Saints, Packers, Bears, Giants, Lions.

The Bears blow

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Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:

I agree. Things change so much from year-to-year in the NFL that you can't even predict from one year to the next who the top teams will be. There is a lot of parity, a lot of offseason player movement, and a lot of injuries that can change a team's fortunes. We'll see how it plays out, but the odds are that all of the teams on our schedule that look imposing, a few of those teams will fizzle and other dark horses will emerge that were not expected. How many people penciled in a "W" when they saw SF on the schedule last year?


will be playing the same schedule except for 2 GAMES.
Originally posted by overthemiddle:
To be the best you have to beat the best. I have zero problems with the schedule

I think we're jus as good as the NY Giants, so if they can beat GB & NE at home so can we. As for (s)aints, sooner or later they'll lose at home & if there's a team that can do it. I think it's the nin-ners!. Go niners all the way to the SB(& winning it) & the start of a dynasty(knock on wood).
The problem with prognosticating a "tough schedule" or not is that every year there approx 5 new playoff teams, and 5 from the year before fall back to earth. It just depends on which ones are going to be those teams. Last year the Bucs sucked after being pretty good in '10, whereas the Lions and Bengals were much better than expected.

The schedule is also affected by when you play teams, we played the Cowboys at the beginning of the season when they looked like they would easily win the division, then Mike Vick put up his career best in yardage against us, the Giants were on a roll when we got them in the middle of the season, and the Cardinals and Seahawks were fighting to stay alive in the playoff hunt while we had already wrapped up the division and were both on hot streaks. The ridiculous scheduling of a road game against a very hot Ravens team on Thursday night was the first time a west coast team ever had to travel to the east coast after only 3 days of rest. Getting the Steelers with a hobbling Roethlisberger helped.

I see the Saints coming down with all that has happened to their team and coaching staff. The will still be pretty good on offense, but it's doubtful they will be as good as they were last year. Every other team is a guess to how good they will be when we play them, I think we definitely have it easier than last year with the way the road/home games are spread out. I see the Patriots, Packers and Seahawks road games as they toughest ones, everything else we have a very good chance of winning IMHO.
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Originally posted by MrRedDogSF:
I apologize if this has been covered but....

Someone please help me understand all the hype about the Niners so called tough schedule, It's the main discussion when talking about the success we're going to have this year. The only thing I can complain about is the fact that we have to go to GB AGAIN for the 3rd time in a row. Why can't they come here? Isn't it only fair? IMHO it seems as though the NFL coddles their meal tickets and has us play there because that way GB has a better chance of winning on the famed Lambeau Field....but I digress.

You can Google the NFL future schedules and it will give you who we play the next 5 years, home and away, no surprises. The ONLY difference being in the 2 extra games vs comparable opponents. This year it happens to be NYG & N.O. If this was 2011 with a 13-3 record it would have been N.O. & G.B. instead of Tampa Bay and Detroit, 2013 it would be G.B. & NYG, so what is the big deal??? So because of these TWO extra games our schedule is projected to be so tough that we won't be able to handle it?? I find it insulting that some of these so called "experts" predict a 9-7 record on that simple fact. If we went 0-16 last year, we'd still be playing N.E., Chicago, G.B. & Detroit.

So outside of the "target on your back" and being the "hunted", what gives? Personally I think if we are being hunted, that works to our advantage cuz then teams will come to play with the intensity that we've had all along....of course then they'll say it's cuz of our "weak" division. But that's just East Coast Bias...and that's for another thread.

Every year they say we got a tough schedule...the fact is every team gets a tough schedule

So what we gotta play the Packers, Saints, Giants, Bears..Well guess what they got to play us too. And im sure thier fans arent looking forward to the week they have to play the 49ers

its only a tough schedule when we a weak team...but this is gonna be our year!!

(btw i found those magnets)
who cares if it's a tough schedule. not like it's gonna get easier in the playoffs.
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