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I havent heard the buzz on last years camp star

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Tukuafu, Will DT 6'4" 293 1/3/1984 2 Oregon

Tukuafu first snap in last years season was a sack and he seam like he was on his way to

being a solid back up to Justin Smith. He has the measurables.
This year Dobbs is the young stand out.
Actually, I think Dobbs was the young standout last year, too.
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Big fan of Tuku, but he's been quiet, saw him fail to contain his edge a couple time last week, and thats pretty much the only time ive noticed him

If the Niners carry 7 DL, he makes it, if they keep 6. I think he may be looking for a job

Jerod-Eddie may have more upside, but we can prob hide him on the PS
Niners will protect Ian Williams just in case they lose Sopo or RJF next year
per NFL rules, you can only have one islander on the DL at any given time.
My top to bottom DL before pre season.

1. Justin Smith
2. Ray McDonald
3. Isaac Sopoaga
4. Ricky Jean
5. Tukufua
6. Dobbs
7. Ian Williams.


Same top 4, but bottom three
5. Ian Williams- Just because we need a NT, and cannot afford lose him to the waiver wire.
6. dobbs has outplayed tukufua to get the 3-4 DE position
7. Tukufua.
gonna be gone
Originally posted by 49erRider:
Actually, I think Dobbs was the young standout last year, too.

yeah, Dobbs definitely was
Practice squad
They both garnered attention, but Dobbs was the one they were most excited about, if memory serves. Same goes for this year, only moreso.
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Dobbs is beasting it again this year

prolly get cut
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And Tukuafu isn't exactly "young" -- He's 28 already lol.
We have him on a 2 year deal... doubt he will get cut but he seems to have quieted down since his hot start last year before getting hurt. He had the fumble recovery he caught in mid air the 1st week. I think he missed some practices this year due to injury. You are right though haven't heard much from him and his play really hasn't stood out. He did get time at FB this offseason though.
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Originally posted by susweel:
prolly get cut

I just love your optimism for every 49ers player & coaches on every post ever made.
Originally posted by 49erRider:
Actually, I think Dobbs was the young standout last year, too.

Yup, every year, my son and pick a UDFA to root for, Dobbs was last year, this year we are fighting over wether it should be Palmer or Owsu...I like saying NAYYYYYYYY-PALM when he catches the ball, but I have to admit OWHOOOOOOOOOOOOOSUUUU is fun to! But yea Dobbs like the kid!
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