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It has been a long time

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Not drunk
I said this in the game thread last night but even if Jacobs and James were out for a long time we are more than capable with Gore and Hunter. We made it to the NFCCG with those 2 guys and Hunter is playing better this year. If Jacobs is out for a few weeks into the season I give Hunter a shot at short yardage back since he runs so hard and his legs keep churning. Please don't give it to Dixon if he makes the team. I think we an afford to lose James more than Jacobs but if they are back soon it's just a bonus. They are icing on the cake. Expect to see a lot of carries from Gore and Hunter this year. James and Jacobs as well... we should ride our run game and our OL which excels at run blocking this season. It helps control the clock to go along with our great defense/special teams. Mix in a some passes and the occasional deep shot and we are golden.
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Frank is indeed a beast. Without him, Alex would not have the career he's had prior to Harbaugh. With him, Alex can do a credible play action pass and at least not have the defense in his face all game long. Frank is up there with all the rest of the HOF running backs (and non HOF's like Craig, Delvin Williams and Wendell Tyler) that have played for the 49ers.

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