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It has been a long time

Since I posted in "Niner Talk", but... My point of this post is, even if Jacobs and James are hurt it does't matter. Frank Gore left the game healthy, the best running back in the NFC West, a beast, a powerhouse, a machine.. We will be fine.

I am drunk and just want to give love to the man that is, the man. Honestly, the best running back to ever wear a 49ers uniform. He was our running back during the worst seasons in history and has done nothing but produce. When everyone called him out last year, he went into beast mode and dominated.

1,211 yards 4.3 avg per carry last year... In 2006 when our entire team was s**t, what did Frank Gore do with the box stacked deep? 1,695 yards and 5.4 per carry....

The most underrated, best teammate.. career stats 7,625 yards and 4.6 ypc and no sign of slowing down. Everyone talks about him slowing down, but in the NFC championship game, if we would of rode Gore more, we could of dominated. He was running hard, determined and successfully!

In the playoffs when everyone said Gore was done for the season he ran for 163 yards in two games with a 5.6 apc and add in 13 receptions for 83 yards.

Frank Gore is still one of the best football players on this team, and he should be respected... and he will help us get to the superbowl, and win it.

I am on board, for the entire ride.
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go back to the parking lot
Imagine this guy in 1987... really... Imagine what he would of done with that offense and that offensive line. It is almost as comparable as Barry Sanders with the Cowboys offensive line of the late 80's and early 90's. It would of been amazing.

Frank Gore has run against a full stacked box his entire career. His job got easier now, he isn't going to decline yet, he is going to grow.

Yea people keep talking about him slowing down but he looked awesome last year. His first carry this year he slashed through the hole like the Frank Gore we know.

Gore + Hunter = Insane run game in 2012
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Originally posted by phatbutskinny:

I liked the post. But still.

Originally posted by Kronos2560:
I liked the post. But still.

Why lock it?

Seriously... what is wrong with this post? You don't like Frank Gore?
Sounds like they will both be back, and we have Hunter as well. Here's to Frank having a great season.
Originally posted by English:
Sounds like they will both be back, and we have Hunter as well. Here's to Frank having a great season.

Nice to see some positive talk about Frank! I don't think I've ever rooted for one individual player to win a championship as much as I do with Frank. The guy is a absolute warrior and he deserves one. I hope it happens.
I like this thread! Agree on everything you said, Chief. Some folks seem to want to phase Frank out quickly, but not me. The guy still runs well and has more in the tank to give. I had a few complaints last season about Gore... but they were pertaining more towards focus issues he was having with catches out of the backfield, missed blitz pickups, and trusting in his lackluster OL early in the year. Still though, Gore is a special weapon and class act to not be pushed aside so easily... no matter how exciting the new RBs behind him may look.

Thank You for your past and future service to our Niners, Frank!
Originally posted by Chief:
Why lock it?

Seriously... what is wrong with this post? You don't like Frank Gore?

Nah I love Frank, I just dont think the thread is very necessary. Its not even analysis of the team, its just about how much we love Frank Gore. I get that Frank Gore is a 49er, so it is technically "Niner Talk" but were not really talking about the Niners, just about how great we think Frank is.
Having Jacobs and LMJ they would have helped share the load. Keeping Gore and Hunter more fresh.
There are player threads all over Niner Talk, why not a thread on Frank? Completely agree that if we rode him more in the NFCC we win that game but I do think he was pretty banged up. The guy has stuck by this team in some very lean years and has always come in as one of the hardest workers and never takes plays off. He may have lost some of his top end speed but his vision, blocking and pass catching abilities have gotten even better over the years. The man is just what you want in a football player and has given this team his best years. Doesn't complain, just goes to work every day and I think he deserves our appreciation for that and for everything he's given our team.
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