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Who will be the 49ers best free agent pickup this year?

Who will be the 49ers best free agent pickup this year?

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Randy will add more to the offense, but Jacobs will score the TDs. I could see Jacobs scoring 10 times this year.
Originally posted by 21SandersMoss84:
In order:

Sir Randall Moss - The Ageless Superfreak
Super Mario Manningham - possession receiver who'll keep the chains moving, especially on 3rd down.
Big Brandon Jacobs - defenses don't want none on short yardage downs.
Perish Black Cox - WRs will get pounded by Cox all night long.

I see another Executive of the Year award for Trent Baalke.

Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
Jacobs, not a probowl year but 3rd and short improvements

Yeah I agree if he can help us on 3rd and short and extend drives, as well as goalline situations that would be huge.
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Toss up btwn Moss & Jacobs.

It will be a battle btwn Red Zone Production and 3rd & short conversions to keep drives alive.

I give the nod to Moss - he'll score more TD's.
Originally posted by KowboyKiller:
Ashlie Lelie

hahaha ...the man that was supposed to give us a deep threat and stretch the field
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the rock
I am hoping Moss gives us more than Edwards gave us last year.
Super Mario!
Brandon Jacobs will help us beat the NY Giants this time around!! 49ers!!!!!!!!!!! BABY!!!!!!!!!!

If it's Moss we're gonna have a fun offense to watch
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