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The Ed Reed - Dashon Goldson Connection

The Ed Reed - Dashon Goldson Connection

Dashon Gold-Son >> Ed Reed
Originally posted by elhebrewhammer:
I'd rather he not show up and have the guys behind him get more reps since their isn't a ton of experience at the backup positions.

He came late last year and was hurt and still had about the year I would expect him to have. Big hits, some missed tackles and bad angles in pass coverage. Still a good year for him though.

Side Note: Ed Reed is one of the greatest safeties to play the game. And arguably the best ever (I know I know...Ronnie Lott, but that's the homer in me talking), so my point is.....Ed Reed and Dashon Goldson have VERY LITTLE in common in that sense.

This...throw rod woodson up there wit ronnie ahead of em too.
Originally posted by AB83Rules:
Nothing in comparison to Ed Reed. Reed is a multi pro bowler, where Goldson has had 1 great season, and a few decent seasons. I honestly don't see how anyone can be dumb to want 8M when offered 7M, when you aint worth 6M tender.

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I wonder if their cocks are the same length.
Originally posted by JiksJuicy:
Originally posted by WesCosOff4Lyf:
Originally posted by JiksJuicy:
Seeing how I don't think he's even signed his tender yet(thus not under contract), he will miss some practices.

In theory, he could sign it tomorrow morning and be in camp that day. It's not uncommon to see player sign a contract and be in practice the same day. Come on now Jiks, glass is half full bro!
Just callin it howz i seez it. No contract yet and no word at all from him. But if I'm wrong well that's a good thing so it is what it iz.

Damn it feels good to be a gangster.
Originally posted by Garcia:
I wonder if their cocks are the same length.
yes Jeff, I'm sure you do.
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