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Potential Harbaugh head game tactics this season?

Originally posted by djfullshred:
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I think the mind games and motivation stuff is way too popular on here. I just think that a team that needs extra motivation to win a game doesn't deserve to win it in the first place. The Niners go out each week to win and that's all they need. They don't need a "Hey look that guy said something about our team, well NOW I want to beat them" situation, they're already as confident and motivated as they need to be.

I am thinking Harbaugh is the kind of guy that thinks the extra motivation mindgame nonsense is for p*ssies. The dude is naturally fierce, and that is what is being instilled in the players. Be fierce all the time, regardless who the hell they are playing.

Yeah exactly. I don't think he would want players that need or even WANT the extra motivation. He just wants players who want to win for the guy next to them. That's all you need in a football team.
I also think that player motivation head games are over-rated. But, Harbaugh is a scheming coach and I think he may be clever with head games related to game planning and tactics. I wouldn't be surprised to see him talking a lot about grinding it out with the running game and then spreading it out and going aggressively with the passing game against certain opponents.

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