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Your favorite 49er going into the 2012 season

In no particular order:

V.Davis - Love the turnaround story and the clutch playoff performance.
P.Willis - Role model for greatness, day in and day out.
J.Smith - Silent Warrior. Impecable work ethic.
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Man... that's a tough question. Before all the BS with Aldon Smith this offseason, he would've been my choice. Now I'm gonna go with Navorro Bowman. He was so impressive last year. It'll be awesome to see what he brings to the table this season.
Isaac Sopoaga!!!!!!!!!!
The Phoenix, Mr. Willis and LMJ - in that order.
For some reason its Kendall Hunter for me. I am also mostly intrigued to see LaMichael James and Randy Moss.
Man, tough question...I generally go with the lesser knowns (or blue collar boys who don't always get the flashy stats).

Defense - Brooks & Culliver & Dobbs
Offense - Alex, RG (whoever it will be) & Hunter
Originally posted by stillpans4gold:
Alex 'True Grit' Smith.

And, it's usually been him since he became a Niner. But the reasons have changed in recent years...

I went to the University of Utah with smith, same age, I worked in the Cafeteria at school and would often see him, and Urban Myer when the team came in to eat. So that's why I pulled for him from the start.

But there were a few years, I'll be honest, I drifted away. However, it was the Eagles game in 2010, when it seamed there wasn't a soul in the stadium not booing him as he nearly came back and won that game.

I realized the guy had "True Grit" and I admired that. Staying in SF the following year really made me jump back on the Smith bandwagon. And it wasn't about how I felt him as a player anymore, just him as a human, and that's why he's my favorite. Today I don't even get in debates about him anymore. I just say, I love the guy, he's a real man, and I want more for him to succeed, regardless of what you or anyone may think.
My favorite is Willis unquestionably (only Niner besides Jesse Sapolu I have met in person), but...

I thought we over drafted Alex, I thought he was a second round QB that was going to have to sit on the bench and learn a couple or three years before he was ready to play with the big boys. After all of the adversity the guy has had to go through with the rough start on a horrid team, media dogging him, having a coach questioning his toughness even though he is playing with a third degree separation of his throwing shoulder, and the absolute ineptness that was the Singletarian era, I came to respect the guy. Do I think he is a great QB? Nope, I think he is good enough and might even get better, and that is good enough for me. He does indeed have grit and the way he led the offense on back to back 80+ yard drives to beat the Saints was as good of quarterbacking as I have ever seen.
All 90 49ers are my favorite 90 players in the NFL right now.

But the top of the top would go to:
- Alex Smith - I could type an 11 page essay
- Frank Gore - So much heart. Guy carried the team through our darkest years
- Vernon Davis - His redemption story is something that should be passed on for generations
- Justin Smith - I don't care if we didn't draft him. He deserves a statue in San Francisco AND Canton
- Patrick Willis - Face of the franchise, total class act, so much heart. Could go on forever.

Love Iupati and McDonald as well.
Frank Gore until he retires.

Then Alex. Then Justin/Willis/Carlos/Vernon. They all count as one, yes?

And then Kendal & Delanie.

And of course, Straight Ca$h Homie. I heard he's kinda good.

Crabtree and Aldon Smith. I know that you said favorite, but I am really curious to see how these guys play this year.
all of them
Alex Smith and Patrick Willis as QBs of the O and D.

Others include:
Miller because he made a tremendous conversion last year.
Moss because he may be the difference this year.

Next on the horizon:
Vernon Davis
Originally posted by 80sbaby24:
Patrick Willis without question.

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