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Will we see more 4 Wide Receiver sets this year ?

Would like to see more spread. These are the players the college system is bringing to the NFL, and teams are adapting. Alex has experience, and has excelled in this system. We should stay ahead of the curve..

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Originally posted by NinerBuff:
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
we'll see an increase in two RB sets.

This! Gore is a good pass protector so he can be used as an impromptu FB with LMJ/KH as the tail back. With VD, RM, and MC on the edge.


wonder if the fake hand-off will become a big part of the running game, defenses wont know if they need to commit to stopping Frank or spy LMJ in the flats/box. james could be lethal on reverses .at the very least, i feel like that'd be awesome in madden!
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Moss, Crabtree Manningham and Davis spread out, with LMJ in the backfield. JIZZZZZZZZZZ. I cant wait for those screen plays! Using Davis, Crabtree, Walker to block is going to be SCARY.
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