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Will we see more 4 Wide Receiver sets this year ?

We have the weapons to do it , with all our depth at WR , and I can also see Davis, Walker and James also being used as slot receivers in 4 WR and even 5 WR sets

I also want to see more BIG Lineups with Sopoaga and Justin Smith as blocking FB's and other O-Lineman checking in as TE's

This year the playbook will be more wide open, plus our team will come in with full knowledge of the system ..2 years in a row with the same offensive scheme, this will only make our team more POWERFUL
I think Alex would operate great out of 3-4 WR sets. I say this because to keep him healthy and limit turnovers we have to keep another player in the box. You will still see us in those power sets with Gore and Jacobs but I def think we could use James/Hunter more out of the spread. It could produce some great running lanes if we can open up the pass. Can't wait for next year!!!
I do see us evolving into more of a hybrid Spread/WCO but I don't see many 4 WR sets. Part of that is b/c of the double-edge sword. 4 WR's means you have less guys in blocking for Alex. That said, the flip side is with 4 WR sets, it forces the defense to bring in another CB and take out a front 7 player. So really, everything will hinge on the OL...everything. If they can block effectively and allow the playmakers time to get open and get the ball, it'll keep Alex clean and upright. If not, we'll be forced to go more jumbo and max-protection packages and lean towards ball-controlled offense like we saw last year. All this said, while I don't expect to see many 4 WR sets, I do foresee a heavy dose of many combinations of Moss, Crabtree, Manningham & Williams/Jenkins. Throw in some Hunter/LMJ and defenses may just be 1 second slower to react which is all the time Alex and the receivers need!
Not at all feeling the we will bring out 4 wideouts often. When we line up with 2 or 3 WRs as well as VD and a single back, I do suspect Alex will have audibles in place to spread VD and the back out wide, if the opposition shows him that they will be vulnerable. If Alex calls an audible like that with.. say 4 vertical routes while the opposition is in their base D? Then he will see which LB or S slide over to cover VD and... say LMJ or Hunter. Mismatches!
My bet is less than 30 offensive snaps with more than 3 wide receivers in 2012
Alex Smith ran a spread offense in college very effectively. If they do insert some of these sets, I don't see him having a problem with that.
I hope not. That would mean we are down by a lot of have 3rd and looong.
Yes we can!
Vd will never leave the field
I think were most dangerous with llmj in backfield with 3 wr and vd

If this offense ever get to the point where they can bring out 4 wide around their own 20. That would be a hella confidence in the passing game. I've seen them bring out 4 wide before in years past. Usually it was in comeback/catchup mode and most often closer to mid-field. Rarely if ever, back around their own 20 or less. I'm rooting for Smith and the offense to have confidence to bring out 4 wide anywhere anytime on the field. With little Michael James somewhere there... I can't see him... wait! Oh sh*t! He's bust'n out in the open field!
I'm sure we'll see it but not very often. I think they'll play with it a little here and there to get a feel for it as a now-and-then type weapon to confuse defenses.

However, if we use it successfully early in the season then I'm sure we'll see it used in various ways.
Yea I don't think so.
we'll see an increase in two RB sets.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
we'll see an increase in two RB sets.

This! Gore is a good pass protector so he can be used as an impromptu FB with LMJ/KH as the tail back. With VD, RM, and MC on the edge.

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