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"Q: What makes a guy a perfect attendance guy?"

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Did Someone say Perfect Attendance :P

Love the chin strap snapped in Fricker! Good stuff bro!

hahah thanks thanks... and to the other guy even tho it was a sarcastic remark, no it wasnt lol you know ketchup and mustard dont flake up sheesh.. this was the first time i ever tried a shirtless game and i used Tempur Art paint lol.. It went on good but by the time i got on the train and then to the actual stadium it flaked .. I have since then found this stuff called liquid latex so yeaaa works alot better.

So how does that work? You got on the train shirtless and painted? Or did wearing a shirt not mess it up?

i painted myself at the hotel as i went to this game alone. It was before i started really meeting people and had people to goto games with. So it dried before i left. I brought a coat with me and wore it on the train. But i guess my pores rejected the paint or something as it then started to peel during the game. It was good before the game but with the wind and i guess the sitting down and standing up.. The new stuff i use is solid though.. if you were ever going to goto a game shirtless i recommend looking up liquidlatex its a B@%@) to get off tho but thats a good thing for before and during.. I must say tho that picture above wasnt to bad as i ended up getting 2 game balls that day.. one pregame from Keith Lewis.. and another at halftime from one of the coaches that was actually used in the first half. The first one i gave to my parents to put in their game room, and the other that was actually used i have signed by Patrick Willis, still need to track down Bryant Young as that was the Last game of WIllis' rookie season, and Last game of Bryant's career.
this wouldve been an awesome question for mike nolan. from a perfect attendance standpoint...
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That's a Cohn question, bro.

fixed that for ya
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