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Who was the worst 49er GM?

Who was the worst 49er GM?

Originally posted by SofaKing:
It has to be Joe Thomas. I wasn't even alive during that era, but wasn't he the douche that destroyed all remnants of the 49ers past by throwing away irreplaceable film, documents, and other items? To me, he's a big reason why many 49er greats from the 50's - 70's have been forgotten. Not to mention he made horrible personnel decisions that make Donahue and McCloughan look brilliant.

The only thing that could make TDon look brilliant would be a petrol bath and a match.
Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:
Donahue was by far worse than McCloughan. He should have been executed for his crimes against the 49ers.

I'm not very familiar with Joe Thomas.

Agreed. Scottie Mac was meh. He wasted some picks but didn't really hurt the team. Donahue burned our roster to the ground and dismantled a pretty good team.
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Originally posted by YOUNGster08:
Only Joe Thomas I know of plays for the Browns. I'd say Donahue because he took us into NFL purgatory.

joe reduced us to having our fans wear paper sacks on thier heads to the games in 1978
Joe Thomas, but he was brought in to dismantle the team and was a control freak. Monte Clark had turned around a decent team (8-6) but Eddie D wanted a championship...NOW! Trading a number one for OJ was my all time least favorite trade--and not just in retrospect!

TD was really bad as well as odd. He was like a lord who only visits his estates during good weather. Walsh learned a lesson from his can't guard your reputation well enough! I know they went way back as rival coaches but when you look at all the brilliant minds Bill brought to the niners all those years as assistant coaches--wow, what happened!? Of course, we don't know what was said behind closed doors between Eddie and Bill.

Those two take the prize and given their different situations with ownership it's hard to choose!
Hands down Joe Thomas. Many previous to my post have already made the case. About the only thing I could add were his selection of wimpy, yes man coaches who were not willing to fight him over personel decisions, trades (the O.J. trade ranking up there with the Vikings trading for Hershel Walker), etc..
Donahue for sure. Turned SF into the worst team in the NFL and it wasn't even close. I wish i could just forget those years entirely.
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