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I want Dixon on the team in 2012

Nope he's horrible on short-yardage situations see 3rd & 1 NFCCG
My grandma used to say ...

"...and people in hell want ice water."

I seriously doubt he makes the team.
Originally posted by kush:
That makes one of us

I'm getting kush lash.....the FACT that Dixon has never done anything good for the niners on offense is enough to cut him. We could keep him but then we would have to let a better player go.
He sux
We kept MROB forever, I don't see why we can't keep dixon, if he plays special teams also.
Originally posted by SFL49ER:
I like Anthony Dixon. I mean c'mon, what's not to like about him. Unless you are judgemental on the way someones looks or by what they're sceaming on twitter, you have a lot of good qualities to like about number 24. He has a competitive fire that we all see during games. He embraces competition with a positive attitude--hes used to it in his early career. I like a guy who loves what he is going and gives 100% no matter what he's called on to do.

What he excels at is special teams and he is always throwing his body into the mix on punt coverage, we know that. But I think we will see a big step from him because he wants to improve his play and he's working to earn his spot.

Yes, he hasn't averaged 4 yds per in his first two years, but why do people want to send him packing when he has upside. If he improves his inside vision and decisiveness hitting holes, we have a good punch with him and Hunter. Dixon has burst, and agility. He runs well outside the tackles and can run over cornerbacks.

I believe AD will make the team over Cartwright because of the potential alone, but also because he knows the system, knows his role, and he is a true team player who just wants to win. So we'll see. BIG DIX in 2012! RA RA

He knows whats at stake

Let's not and say we did... Let him go man.
Two words: Derek Loville.

For those old enough to remember, Loville played halfback behind Ricky Watters and was briefly the starter after Watters left.

Loville had a ton of heart, and worked his butt off every day. But he just didn't quite have enough ability, and our running game suffered until he left.

Maybe Dixon has more to give than Loville did. But Dixon reminds of Loville.
I hate Dixon can't wait to see him cut

He's a clown and an unproductive clown to boot . . . which is probably why they brought in Jacobs. But if he picks up his game and Harbaugh and Rathman and Baalke are convinced he's one of the best 53 then so be it.

BTW, I think salary and short term cap tightness has to be the absolute LAST tie breaker when it comes to deciding the best 53.
The chances Dixon stays are intertwined with Jacobs. If Jacobs has anything left in the tank Dixon will be an early training camp cut.
Originally posted by unst4bl3:
We kept MROB forever, I don't see why we can't keep dixon, if he plays special teams also.

There was a lot less talent in general when MRob was around and the team stunk then. Why waste carries on Dixon when you have Hunter (who is obviously better than Dixon) and LMJ to develop. Dixon has had oppurtunities in short yardage and has failed in them forcing the team to go out and sign Jacobs.
I want him on the team too, he plays very well on ST and he is HUGE for team morale
Pretty frickin simple; "We'll throw the balls out and whoever plays the best, will play" JH - This and nothing more..
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