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I think the Giants are overrated, I know they beat us but in a lot of ways we beat ourselves.

They also got every single lucky break known to man to get them another superbowl win. God is a Giants fan I swear.

You....are correct, sir!

After watching the key plays to that SF/NY game a second time, it was really uncanny. Virtually every break in the game went NY's way....2 Niners going for the easy interception and knocking it away from each other (twice!!), clear holding penalties on NY time after time not called, loose balls bouncing directly into the hands of a Giant when 3-4 Niners are right around the ball, the NY fumble that was not a fumble and the final Kyle fumble on a lame arm tackle... In all my years of watching pro football (over 40 now), I've never seen a team as outplayed as NY was in the second half of that game and actually win. Conspiracy!!!


Maybe with the 49ers being a twice as superior team. God will consider being a 49ers bandwagon fan.