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The Jim Harbaugh's Motivational 101

Harbaugh's recent claims that Crabtree has the "best hands" he's ever seen, plus some of the other superlatives he's used for Smith and others, makes me take what he says with a grain of salt. As a player, while such praise is welcome, I'd have to question the sincerity. trtying to instill confidence and demonstrating faith is one thing, but how can one take such praise seriously when it's also bestowed on others you might not feel deserve it? Motivational technique? Homerism? Delusion? Certainly, in Crabtree's case, there have been too many drops to warrant such praise.
I think it's sincere. He didn't just brought up Crabtree so he can hype him out of no where. It was asked along a general line of questioning. Harbaugh mentioned Crabtree with guys like Moss and Smith as an example. Those are the guys that came to mind when asked a general question. Because they had shown improvements. I think it's more of defending his players when he feels the media has a preconception of them when Harbaugh sees it differently in practice or games. So he goes out of his way to talk about them. I don't think he embellished them. Remember his comments on Smith about capable of playing good, accurate qb in the NFL when he first got to the team... only the skeptical fans and media wouldn't take it at face value.
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Harbaugh says you're the best Niner fan ever.
Grain of salt for the extreme.. while also appreciating his words as simply a compliment to the player.

Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Harbaugh says you're the best Niner fan ever.

... and that elicited a chuckle...
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Harbaugh says you're the best Niner fan ever.

Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Harbaugh says you're the best Niner fan ever.

Yes I am!!!
When he said "best hands", maybe he thinks Crabtree should become a hand model. lol
if he's "just saying it" it helped last year didn't it?

Most of us figured this out when he praised Smith so highly.

"Elite." "Pro-Bowler."

He's just giving the guy a compliment and letting him know he has his back. I don't think anyone was holding a gun to Harbs head and asking him who is #1 on his all time list as far as Wr's with hands. Crabs has made some pretty good catches. ie: Seattle game and the TD that got taken away against the Bengals, etc...

Absolutely wonderful coach.

He's a rah-rah kind of guy.

If you sat him down and reviewed film and made comparisons he'd come up empty.

Have we seen Crab's best ab]nd his great hands - NO! But I'm still hoping this is this breakout year.

I do feel our draft pick will perform MUCH better than the draft commentators think.

Also, with all the improvement on the offensive side I really expect some creative playcallinng as the season progresses.
Who cares? Obviously the man gets results! Thread closed
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Harbaugh says you're the best Niner fan ever.

While I admit a smirk of my own, I have to ask. Your name wouldn't be Homer, would it?
If Harbaugh can take the 49ers to the playoffs again, I hope management makes him one of the higher paid coaches in the league.
"Let me tell you, things have not changed," Smith told The Sacramento Bee on Wednesday. "If you talk to anybody about the first day of Football School and it was like, 'Holy smokes.' I think it blew everyone's mind. I know Randy (Moss) came out here and was like, 'Holy smokes.' It was 100 miles per hour. This coaching staff, coach Harbaugh, only knows one speed. It's not 'relax' time, it's full throttle even more."


Harbaugh camp is intense progress but not a grind. That's Walsh x2 It's do it right. Do it fast. Do it quick.

'He's going to be a great coach', said Walsh.
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