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Biggest Threat in 2012: Packers not Giants

Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
a little known fact about packers

they had the most int/drive last year

also had the most TO forced/drive even more than us which we were 2nd in that category

conclussion: packers D forced the most TO last year

Another element of that is that they were forcing these turnovers mostly because of catch up while we were forcing them out of necessity, great ball play.

If GB had our D last year, instead of 38 turnovers, maybe they get 50-60!
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Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
Originally posted by kronik:
Don't agree. Packers still have major weaknesses along their OL line. Their run game doesn't scare anyone. I'm also not sold on their defense. Nick Perry in my opinion is just not that good. Their secondary is still overrated and their best CB is another year older after a down year last year. Giants is the better team not counting their injuries

Don't overlook the eagles imo.

Sidenote, I don't fear any team in the AFC including the Patriots. They only beat one team with a winning record all year and that was Baltimore who should've won if Lee Evans could hold onto that pass or go to OT if their kicker would've made that CHIPSHOT field goal.

texans one of the best teams in nfl next year imo

Are you serious? You are aware that the Texans lost Mario Williams and DeMeco Ryans this off-season, right?
Packer's D would have to get back to 2010 level in order for them to be a serious threat to us. Right now I think they're closer to NO than the Giants. When you live by creating turnovers you die by creating turnovers. Eventually someone finds an answer to slow down the offense.

Not sure if their D is really as bad as it was in 2011 though. You have to think the talent is still there to get back to where they were.

You just never know who emerges though. Dallas is a team that has the pieces to compete with us. I think the NFC East winner will be our stiffest competition whether it's Philly, Dallas or New York.
Originally posted by 49erRider:
The Giants are not the biggest threat and never were. Their Super Bowl win was one of the flukiest in history. First, the Packers play nothing like they did all year - receivers dropping everything and their OC being out of it. Then, it took Kyle Williams fumbles to beat us in OT. They were the luckiest team BY FAR last season. These things don't happen often and won't happen again in 2012.

this 100%, packers will be the biggest threat easily
The Biggest threat to the Niners in 2012 are the Niners.
As I have said in other threads, they concern me. Probably for two reasons. One, memories of the 90s. Two, Rodgers getting hot.

Though i think he have a chance to exploit their o line.
Originally posted by 16to87:

Forgot I posted this. Thanks for resurrecting it now that the prophecy has come true.
I think the seachickens are the biggest threat....i do admit, russell wilson and marshawn lynch are pretty good, but their defense gets away with too much...the refs just won't call anything on them...(so much holding and PI) that's how they got some of their W's
The seahawks wouldnt look so Bad if it werent for that win they had against us, packers worry me...a little, seahawks at candlestick dont but dawm this has been a crazy year... I have made a lot of wrong predictions but i think Im right when i say: If we beat the packers, no one is stopping us from the SB

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