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Post Your Favorite All Time 49er Picture

Originally posted by adrenaline:
Easily my favorite pic. As soon as I read the topic, this photo came straight to mind. RIP Bill Walsh!

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Anyone know where I can buy a full size or poster size version of this photo?
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Another good photo, but not my favorite.
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Originally posted by jimmythegreekjr:

Anothet great pic . . . maybe a new favorite

Just kidding.

Alot of the ones i was thinking about got uploaded but here's one that's decent.

Walsh laying on the floor in the locker room.
Originally posted by adrenaline:

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Originally posted by DynastyPart2:
Anyone know where I can buy a full size or poster size version of this photo?

I was about to ask the same question. I'm building a game room with 49er pictures everywhere...i need this one to complete my me

Originally posted by doc_brown_:

This oneeeee..
Originally posted by defenderDX:
Originally posted by MILFS:
Originally posted by Oakland-Niner:

f**k off

SO funny how EASILY MAD people get on here....

I do feel bad for posting it. This is one of a few posts I wish I could have back. I didn't think this thread would be that serious, but since it has taken, I hate seeing this pic over and over again. I have to admit though, the sheer terror on KWs face is worth a chuckle or two.

Mods - is it possible to edit out this pic in all posts?
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