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Who are you ashamed was a 49er?

Lawrence Phillips and OJ.

Phillips contributed to the end of Steve Young's career, and later tried to run over children in his car after getting mad about a flag football game. Sorry, sorry excuse for a man.

The damage from the O.J. trade led to the hiring of Walsh, so that was somewhat redeeming in a not-really-still-don't-like-him kinda way. He also brutally killed people, though, and threatened others. Glad he's in jail.

Uninteresting footnote: I was on a church trip to SF in the summer of '94, and in Candlestick park the day OJ was on the freeway( watching the Cubs and Giants play, if I recall. Anybody remember Kurt Manwaring?) Anyway, people were getting the pictures taken with the plaque of OJ, because nobody believed that "the guy from the Naked Gun movies" could kill people.
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Originally posted by Rathman_44:
This list begins and ends with one Mike Rumph. May have actually scored touchdowns for the other team, or maybe that's just the way I remember it.

Its mostly just how you remember it. His rookie season was up and down but his second season he improved and it looked like he was gonna be a player for us. Then he broke his arm tacking Steven Jackson. They switched him to FS and he got injured again and then traded for Taylor Jacobs.
He obviously wasnt great but I wouldnt even put him in the top 10 of worst Niners.
Yeah - I was trying to think of someone that might not be super obvious. He may not be top 10, but #11 seems about right. Dude was a coverage black hole! He was consistently picked on and targeted. Let's not bring up him "tackling" anyone regardless of the result, which was mostly him getting run over.
Isaac Bruce.... Hated him as a Ram, hated it even more when the Niners signed him.
Winfred Tubbs anyone? The guy did absolutely nothing or us.
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Much of the fan base. Oh, you mean players? Yeah, L. Phillips is turd # 1. No one else truly stands out. We had some poor players, sure... but no one else stands out as far as embarrassing me at the moment.

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Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Bryant Young, Patrick Willis, Ronnie Lott, Brent Jones, Frank Gore, Justin Smith, Roger Craig and Bill Walsh
Jim Hostler and Jimmy Raye
Rashaun Woods
Gio Carmazzi
Reggie McGrew
Steve Stenstrom
Steve Stenstrom
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Originally posted by BubbaParisMVP:
I'm disgusted at the number of posters that seem to think that OJ was a Niner.

He was a Niner in the same way that Nate Clemments was a Niner, Deon Sanders, or even Takeo Spikes (as much as we love him) was a Niner. Sure, they all played for the team, but they weren't actual Niners, were they?

I think there's a bit too much googling going on in this thread.
sorry Bubba. you are dead wrong. He was not a niner like sanders. He was not a free agent hired gun. we gave up first round draft picks for him and he had nothing left in the tank. He could not run, we had no draft picks, we had terrible years for two years untill walsh arrived. He set us back in so many ways.The only people we could get to play for us back then were coked up and washed up players like oj and hollywood henderson. He was an actual niner, this did not come from google, I lived it. We trade for him, he wore the uniforum for two years, he was a niner and a terrible one at that,, that is not even talking about what later happened.

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Lawrence Phillips
Ray Wersching anyone? At onet time it seemed he was a criminal but last was exhonerated:

and of course Preston Riley, who fumbled the onsides kickoff vs. Dallas in '72. Fortunately in those days home games weren't televised so I didn't have to see it.
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Originally posted by BayArea:
I want to know why Roman Harper wasn't suspended. Mr. latehit himself gets off scott free. Stupid bum.

As far as ashamed of a 49er.... none, ever, proud of all of them.

I was wondering the same thing.
Especially after the incident with Steve Smith (Carolina) in last years game.
Was incredibly happy to see Steve rough him up.
Issac Bruce... I hate everyone who ever yelled "Bruccccccceeeee" in San Francisco while he was on the 49ers.
OJ Simpson...
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