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New Players Uniform Numbers

Originally posted by GuessWhosOn3rd:
Brandon Jacobs 45? Thats a fuggin ugly number

remember T.J. Duckett? big boy that played like a little girl...........hopefully that isnt the case for Jacobs this year
Originally posted by jprchrds:
Not a fan of Retiring numbers to be honest

Same here.

Only time I could ever think of doing it would be for some one who really changed the game and made a huge impact and the league as a whole retires the number.

Otherwise just put the name and number up for display in the stadium.
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RB Jewell Hampton
RB DaJuan CoefieldFB
Cameron Bell

For the RB/FBs the available numbers include, 36, 44, 48, while 34(Joe Perry), 37(Jimmy Johnson), 39(Hugh McElhenny) and 42(Ronnie Lott) are retired.

WR Chris Owusu
WR Nathan Palmer
WR Brian Tymes
TE Garrett Celekfor

WRs there are 5, 6, 9 and 89, while for TE is 89, 44 and 48. 8(Steve Young), 12(John Brodie), 16(Joe Montana), 42(Ronnie Lott) 80(Jerry Rice) and 87(Dwight Clark) are retired

OG Al Netter
OT David Gonzales
OT Kevin Murphy

OL would be 63, 65 and 68. 70(Charlie Kruger), 73(Leo Nomenllini) and 79(Bob St. Clair) are retired numbers.

DL Matt Masifilo
DL Patrick Butrym
DL Tony Jerod-Eddiefor

DL all 90s are basically taken, as 97(Byrant Young) isn't retired, but no one should wear it again. So logical ones are Sharing with the OL available one's 63, 65 and 68, or with 62(Jason Slowey), 66(Joe Looney), 69(Kenny Wiggins) and 71(Derek Hall).

OLB Joe Holland
OLB Kourtnei Brown

Only 50s open is 51, then the only logical one's would be 44 or 48.

CB Anthony Mosley
S Michael Thomas
DB Deante' Purvis

For DBs logical are 36, 44, 48 for open to share or 47(Kyle Nelson) to share.

PK Giorgio Tavecchio would be either 5, 6 or 9
No f**king way Manningham keeps 14
Will change #'s in Madden anyways lol
Originally posted by AB83Rules:
Brandon Jacobs - #45
Josh Johnson - #1
Joe Looney - #66
Jason Slowey - #62
Cam Johnson - #50
Darius Fleming - #58
A.J. Jenkins - #17
LaMichael James - #23
Trenton Robinson - #30
Mario Manninghan - #14
Perrish Cox - #20
Rock Cartwright - #28

Hate. I liked it better when receivers only wear 80's numbers.
Originally posted by AB83Rules:
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Originally posted by BayArea:
Originally posted by WookieOftheYear:
Manningham is wearing #14

Really? Do you have a pic because I was trying to figure out his number yesterday but couldn't find a pic of him in the football school lot of pics.

Thanks bud, hadn't seen that pic yet.

14 is an ugly number for a receiver.
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I have no problem with numbers being retired. However, in football, where there are a shortage of numbers, I think it's reasonable to let players wear retired numbers if they want. I won't be mad if we have another #80/#16/#8 etc.

For a team like the Niners, we shouldn't even have to dip into the teens or single digits for our receivers.
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HAM always picks the ugliest numbers
well UDFAs signed have uniform numbers picked.

FB Cameron Bell - #44
OLB Kourtnei Brown - #48
DE Patrick Butrym - #69
TE Garrett Celek - #48
OG David Gonzles - #68
RB Jewell Hampton - #33
OLB Joe Holland - #51
DE Matthew Masifilo - #71
CB Anthony Mosley - #33
OT Kevin Murphy - #63
OG Al Netter - #65
WR Chris Owusu - #81
WR Nathan Palmer - #89
CB Deante' Purvis - #40
PK Giorgio Tavecchio - #5
S Michael Thomas - #36
WR Brian Tyms - #9

Looks like DaJuan Coefield and Tony Jerod-Eddie didn't sign or haven't been announced.

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Owusu ain't afraid of no curse.

Unless it involves his soft head.

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Originally posted by Wodwo:
Owusu ain't afraid of no curse.

Unless it involves his soft head.

In his defense it was his college number, so he isn't going out of his way to select it or having it forced on him.
Originally posted by defenderDX:
No f**king way Manningham keeps 14

John Mathews just got cut. Mario should switch from 14 to 83 immediately imo
why are the receivers going for #'s 10-19?? Where are the 80's-89's?!
Originally posted by SundayTicket:
why are the receivers going for #'s 10-19?? Where are the 80's-89's?!

The NFL decided to allow WR's to wear 10-19's a couple years back, as usually the 80's are mostly taken, 80, 87 are retired for us, plus every 80's is used but 83 now.

80's that should be used on opening day.

82- Byham
84- Moss
85- Davis
86- Jennings

PS guys IMO would be

81- Owusu
88- Reuland
89- Palmer

then that leaves 83 free, which could/will be either Manningham or Byham, if Manningham is able to get Byham's number.
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