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Will we FINALLY have a player reach 1,000 yards receiving in 2012?

Will we FINALLY have a player reach 1,000 yards receiving in 2012?

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I voted no because there are alot of weapons on this team and the ball will be spread around.

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you mean like lots of weapons like the Saints, Packers, Giants and Patriots who manage not 1 but 2 thousand yard receivers usually

Yes we finally will have a receiver with over 1000 yds. Thing is, he will be our tailback, La Michael. I look for him to be the go to guy in any circumstance, and to have more receptions than anyone else on the team. AJ is a close second.
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IF we learned nothing else from the draft it is that Jim Harbaugh plans to have a MUCH more diversified offense by installing a more explosive passing game. That was the message in virtually every presser that he and Baalke ran. Therefore, having run up nearly 3,200 yards in passing last season, much of it with WRs who had little to no time in the offense prior to the start of the season, it is a near certainty that the passing offense will exceed 4,000 yards this season.

I believe Crabtree, with a fully healthy off-season, will begin to fulfill his potential with 1,200+ yards. I also expect to see Davis close to that number (850+). Manningham should be in the 600 range. Jenkins will also hit 600, perhaps even higher (a lot of people are underestimating what he will do. He is much more game ready than some realize). James will in the 600 range as well. Moss is a total wild card. I am very skeptical as to how much he has left but if his attitude stays right, he could add another 500+ although part of that will come from other totals. That is roughly 4,000 yards right there and that does not yet consider Gore, Walker, Byham or Staley and Sopoaga (BIG threats).

With continued dominance by the defense, even against somewhat stronger competition, the offense is going to have far more opportunities to put up yards and numbers. Harbaugh was embarrassed by the lack of offense last season and will set out to show the league he is a lot more than power running and a few trick plays and formations. A 4,500 yard passing year for Smith and a good spread of numbers among the receivers will be the result.
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