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Does Chris Owusu Make the Team in 2012?

Does Chris Owusu Make the Team in 2012?

Originally posted by RDB4216:
Yet you cared enough to read AND reply. Oh and by the way, Randy Moss himself has stated before he takes plays off and plays full out "when he wants to". Doesn't take a genius to realize that being lazy like that isn't being "fully motivated", as I said.

He will "want to" for Harbaugh. He is one of the greatest receivers ever and he is only 35 years old. Thats all I really care about. You are obviously much more involved in the media fueled soap opera that takes place off the field. I choose not to use my brain power on such b******t. Everyone inside the 49ers facility believes Moss will be a major contributor this year.
How about you check out Wallace Gilberry's bio (DE Chiefs) and see if anything stands out to you.

If you want to keep playing games and request a WR only don't expect a reply.

I'm not wasting my time researching and educating you because you want to be stubborn and change your position when someone responds.

Good GMs don't risk losing a player they like by exposing him to the PS. Players are plucked every year after cut downs.
Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
Originally posted by Oakland-Niner:
Originally posted by HearstFan:
We have a lot of the same type of receivers, small, fast types. It makes the competition almost irrelevant -- you get AJ, Owusu, or KW. They all pose the same threat to the defense.

I still think this is the one mistake made in the make-up of the team. 1. It keeps the receiving types 1 dimensional, and 2. it makes it harder on the QB to not have a good outlet guy to convert 3rd downs -- either at WR or TE.

Moss has to make the team. This team still lacks a big body receiver, Moss is the closest thing to that, although he is not an across the middle possession/conversion receiver.
Moss is 6'4 and has crazy leap, thats all we need.

As to same "type of WR" I have to disagree. Just because AJ and Moss are fast doesn't mean they play the same. If I had to group by type, it would look like this:

Crabs/Manningham - Well rounded short and intermidiate threat.

KW - Slot reciever

Moss - Only proven Deep threat

Ginn - Very fast, but staff has never used him as a 9 route guy.

Jenkins -TBD - But I see him as an all purpose WR. Where as Crabs is intermidate to short, I see Jenkins as being all purpose with his speed being a major threat.

They did ocassionally . . . like the 75 yard TD vs. the Ravens that was negated by that horrid chop block call. But not if better options are available.

Or the one he lost in the clouds....
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