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Who's gonna be our starting two WRs ?

Who's gonna be our starting two WRs ?

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Originally posted by 49ersnum1:
1. Crabtree - Coming off his best season now healthy entering his first off season in his 4th year.
2. Moss - Will start and will open things up offensively for others and can still stretch the field.
3. Manningham - Will get A LOT of playing time, will spare moss and can start baring injuries to Crabs or Moss.
4. AJ Jenkins - Might have the biggest hands on the team, decent size at almost 6'1, my guess he will shine in pre season.
5. Kyle Williams - Having Kyle as a 5th is a luxury. He did a solid job feeling in last season, if he's cut, another team will have a solid #2 or #3 because of his reliable hands, above average speed, and return ability.
6. Ted Ginn JR - Also another luxury having Ginn as the last receiver on the depth chart, will be fighting for a roster spot as a return man.
7. Chris Owusu - Stanford guys, has an uphill battle to climb, can maybe be PS at least.
i would love to see the kid blow things up in the next few months but i really think you gotta put gin ahead of jenkins
Beginning of the year base offense: Crabtree and Maningham. Redzone: add Moss.

After 5-6 games: Crabtree and Jenkins.
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By the end of the year, I'm guessing Jenkins and Manningham. Crabtree will work the slot, while Moss comes in on redzone plays.
Originally posted by socal9er42:
Beginning of the year base offense: Crabtree and Maningham. Redzone: add Moss.

After 5-6 games: Crabtree and Jenkins.

agreed. i think Jenkins will prove hes worthy as far as skills go but it depends on how fast he can digest the system. Crabs and VD both took over half the year to totally grasp the offense
Originally posted by wysiwyg:
Originally posted by blm7754:
Originally posted by NinerPrideinNJ:

Why the hell do people doubt this. Not a single receiver on this roster is better than him right now.

People doubt because he sucked (really bad) in 2010 and was sitting on the couch in 2011. He's 35. He's been known to give up. And the only productive seasons he has had since 2005 have been with Tom Brady throwing to him.

I am not aware of any player over 30 that has ever come back to form after 2 years of either not playing or playing terrible. He has a name and was once one of the best WRs in the NFL. That is the only reason to be excited about him.

I really hope he does well. But I'm not counting on it. And neither should anybody else.

Firstly, would Moss REALLY come out of retirement if he didn't think/know he was going to start?

I doubt it.

Secondly, I don't think you can't base your projections this year off of 2010. It was very apparent that 2010 wasn't the result of diminishing skills, it was the result of Randy NOT GIVING A FVCK. His heart and head just weren't in the game that season, so he wasn't trying.

I think sitting out 2011 was actually a boon for him, gave him a chance to freshen up those legs and rejuvenate himself for this year.

I'll be shocked if he's not #1 going into the season.
Who starts? could be anybody at beginning of season. My guess is before game 5:

Coach rotates all WRs around x,y , z slots, sees who fits best where, who is money over the middle both in getting open and holding onto the ball,

who is best able to churn and burn, getting open deep and hanging onto the ball,

who runs best routes, consistently getting separation, and from which postion, slot or wideouts,

and then he uses La Michael as the #1 receiver in terms of # of passes thrown. At end of yr, LaMichael has more receptions than any WR.
I think there is too much fixation on starting receivers. Harbaugh is likely, I would think, to see who is giving the best performance by the end of the pre's. Guessing it will be Crabtree and Moss. If Randy mails it in then Manningham. Our first round pick hopefully has a great future but will need a season to get up to speed etc.

Doubtless this will result in some here dubbing him a bust and announcing in every thread that Harbaugh has shown a lack of confidence in him.
Nah, English, that was part of my point. Doesn't matter who is what # now, or even first 4 games. But come game 5 we will see who is what and where he plays. I still contend with this talent, Coach is going to go crazy and have multiple players playing multiple positions, with LaMichael in motion as the check down, but more likely, #1 guy...and he isn't listed as a WR. How exactly is the D going to cover if our x,y,z guys line up at different slots every play, we have LaMichael in motion., and we still have vernon and delanie. I think this is going to be an O season for us not seen here before. Just so much talent and Coach will come up with hard to counter O sets.
Crabtree for sure. All others will be per situation.
Yep, Joe, and i think Coach is going to have all guys learn the x,y,and z routes and will substitute on the fly , giving the D fits, trying to figure out who covers who...meanwhile LaMichael is in motion and the D is having a heart attack. I cannot wait for this season to begin. We have to be an early favorite, right there with GB, NE, i don't think Saints, the Giants, and maybe Steelers/ravens. By splitting wide, of course, that means frank is in for another big season.

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Originally posted by 9ersLiferInChicago:
A. J. & Manningham

You don't draft a guy in the 1st round to only play him if there's an injury or unless he's a QB. You don't put your 1st rounder 3rd or 4th on the depth chart unless he's a bust.

What you think they toss this guy right into the fire when they just picked up a few great starters in FA who Jenkins can learn from? I bet you anything he sees minimum play time and definitely doesn't play the whole season. You don't take your 1st round rookie and throw him to the wolves when you have more than enough vets that can start and he can learn behind.

Ill gladly eat crow next season if that happens. Feel free to dig this post up if it does.
Man... even 9er fans are sleeping on Moss. It'll easily be Moss & Crabs. Manningham, Jenkins , & Williams rotating in the slot.
manningham and crabs.
Clearly Crabtree and Moss.
Originally posted by WookieOftheYear:
I think Harbaugh is gonna give Moss every chance to be a starter, Randy is gonna have to suck major balls to not start

Agreed. I know Randy hasn't played in a year, but for a player his age, that time off is an asset instead of a liability. If you've followed his career, you'll know that the games in which he underproduced are when HE shut it down. When he wants to play, he's the best in the league. His motivation will be more of a concern than his body. Did you seem him flying through his routes in "football school?" I just hope Alex Smith can air it out far enough for Randy to get under it.

Straight cash, homie
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