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Caption these: Moss, Crabs, and......

Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Jaws?..... .....

Does he have him bending that knee instead of straight leg throws?

Hopefully as every QB coach I have ever seen (mostly youtube videos) that is the first thing they try to drill into a QB's head. Alex had been criticized previously for having a locked up front knee that caused him to have bad form.

MC: This motherf**kin guy....

RM: Crabs, cut him some slack man, it's a mistake....KW, you see them over there practing punting...Show me how you'd react to a punt that sailed over your head and is going to land in the endzone.

KW: Alright, check it out!.........

MC: SEE!! The man's an idiot, why would you jump backwards for a diving catch going into your own endzone!
Originally posted by defenderDX:

In the Moss pic...

Hastings: I wonder if he'll let me carry his pads
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:

Picture 1.
Crabtree: "Mother----,"
Moss: "Here goes another championship..."
Williams: "C'mon guys give me another chance, it'll be different this time."

Picture 2.
Crabtree: "Unreal...."
Moss: "I almost made it to the Superbowl before, but then I took a football to the knee."
Williams: "This is bull----"

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Originally posted by verb1der:

Crabs : Dat ball hit yo knee din't it!?....DIN'T IT!?!?!

KW : Naw I had done move'tout the way..

Moss : Yup.... it did....I thank it did yo splain' yo'self boy...

This wins a Racist Award!
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